Making your next real estate investment a project property

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Because of its nature as one of the world’s most lucrative and meaningful investments, real estate has, over time, established quite an inevitable reputation as being one of the most expensive investments as well. It makes sense. After all, real estate is not only one of the physically biggest (if not the biggest) investments you are ever likely to make, but it is also often one of the most long-standing, both figuratively and literally. Because of this reality, real estate is a daunting market to enter, or even to re-enter after a hiatus off the market. It pays to take the sage advice of the people around you and the experts you encounter.

The influx of advice you get as an interested real estate buyer on the lookout for their next property can feel overwhelming, even anxiety-inducing. It can be difficult to sift through it all and pull out the pieces of advice that have genuine meaning and relevance – especially when the nature of real estate is that it is always fluctuating. Well, the single most important and relevant piece of advice you can get when you are interested in becoming a buyer is this: invest in a project property (yes, really). So, why should you invest in a project property instead of a home that is already standing?

A project property will often (if not always) be more affordable

It goes without saying that a property that comes with all the trimmings tend to be expensive. This is especially true if the property in question happens to reside in a pleasant or even highly coveted neighbourhood. When you buy a project property instead, it obviously (nine times out of ten, at least) is more affordable from the outset. Project properties give you less of a dent in your savings initially, and this gives you more power to choose the perfect property, in the perfect location, for a fraction of the cost upfront.

A project property gives you all the power to create the dream

Not only is a project property a great investment because it is often cheaper than buying a property with a complete structure and landscape already in place, but you can start from the ground up with it and really make it your own. You can build onto a fixer-upper as much as you want. You can add anything you like to its reaches. From installing solar panels on the roof to create an energy efficient home, to building a deck that winds around the entire structure, and every home construction and design trick in between, project properties are the perfect foundations to add these building blocks to.

A project property allows you to take your time with it

There is absolutely something to be said about the shiny glitter of a brand-new home, sure, but there is something uniquely magical about project properties. A project property is a fantastic investment if you are wanting to take your time to perfect it, in every sense of the word. Fixer-uppers are forgiving and lenient, and you have complete and unadulterated control. Being able to control every nail that is added, every coat of paint on the walls, is an empowering feeling.

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