How to choose the best doormat for your home

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We tell you what is the most resistant and durable outdoor doormats for your home.

The outdoor doormat is the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your house. In addition to fulfilling a practical function also says a lot about how is the interior of the house. If you want to choose the best outdoor doormats then we give you some tips so that your house stays clean and at the same time with a nice decoration.

To choose the best outdoor doormat, several aspects must be taken into account. Some of them are the material, the shape or the size. In addition, we also have to think about what we want to convey to those people who are going to enter our home.


Depending on the place where we are going to place the doormat it will be more advisable that it be of one material or another. In this case, as it is an outdoor doormat, it must be made of a resistant material. You have to take into account if you are going to be located in a very sunny place, where there is a lot of air or if you live in a place where it rains frequently. With the passage of time, the doormats burn as a result of the sun and wear out. A resistant outdoor doormat is the best option because although it is more expensive it will better withstand the passage of time.

The outdoor doormats can be made of three different materials.

Coconut fiber

This material is one of the most used for the manufacture of outdoor doormats. In the case of outdoor doormats we only recommend it for those houses where the entrance is protected. Anyway it is also resistant and although to a lesser degree than the following materials that we present, it also resists humidity and inclement weather.

Of plastic

The plastic fiber mats are specially designed for outdoor use. They are very resistant to both moisture and dust. Perhaps its weak point is the sun because with the passage of time they are burned, although they are increasingly composed of more resistant plastics. Another advantage of this type of outdoor doormats is that they are quite heavy, so they resist quite well to those climates in which the wind is habitual.

Synthetic fiber

They are one of the toughest mats so they are perfect for outdoor use. It has a high anti-slip capacity so it is especially recommended for humid climates. It is also perfect for those homes where there is a lot of traffic in and out.

Shape for outdoor doormats

Regarding the shape of the doormats we find different designs. The choice of one or the other simply depends on the tastes of the buyer. Mainly the forms that we find in the market are the following:

---> Rectangular: They are the most common and traditional doormats. Their size can vary although generally they have some measures of surroundings to 40 centimeters of width and 70 of length. If you like positive phrases, these models usually have them printed. It is the best way to enter and leave home charged with energy.

---> Semi-circular: Perhaps the semicircular mats are more aesthetic than the rectangular mats, although as we have said previously the decision will depend only on the tastes of the buyer. In this case the straight part of the door mat fits the door and the rounded part is on the outside.

---> Silhouettes: If you are looking for a different, original and fun outdoor doormat, your option must be a stamped or silhouette one. There are many designs such as animals, words, objects ...


Once we have chosen the material and the shape of our doormat, we can only choose the size. As we have said before, the usual measurements are around 40 centimeters wide and 70 centimeters long. Although these are the standard measurements you can find many others.

Our recommendation is that you choose a mat that fits the space in which it will be located. It is not the same a landing of a floor that a landscaped area of the exterior of a house.

You should also take into account that the feet must fit completely and also have several inches left over both front and back. Sometimes we get carried away by the design without realizing that some doormats are not practical for everyday use.

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