Improving the Aesthetic of Your Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 24 June 2019 12:53

Your home is a special place where you live, sleep, eat and spend quality time with loved ones. Whatever you enjoy doing in your home it is important that your personal space is designed to reflect you and what you love doing. Aesthetic is just a fancy word for beauty and the appreciation of how things look. So when talking about the aesthetics of your home all we are really doing is talking about how your house looks, interior and exterior, and what you can do to improve it and make it look better.  


Here are 5 things to consider when decorating your living space:

Choose Your Color

Color is a major component of any room or area of your house. If you have a small space you probably do not want to paint the walls black because it will make everything look even smaller. This doesn’t mean you have to whitewash the whole place but you may want to stick to lighter colors that aren’t super dark. 


If you are new to the color matching game you will want to check out what colors go together and what colors should not go together. This simple move will help keep your space looking amazing. 

Find Your Furniture 

After you have a color scheme chosen you get to move onto the next step which is choosing what kind of furniture you will use to decorate your room. Furniture is both functional and decorative. You don’t want a bunch of cushions that are hard and not very comfortable to use if you are going to be sitting on them or holding them. The main objective is to choose furniture that will blend in with the room and fits with the theme that you have chosen. 

Keep it Simple 

You really don’t have to go all out and do a major upheaval of your place if you are already satisfied with how it looks. You can always make little changes to your home that will make it a little more cozy and welcoming. How your house smells is something guests will notice when they enter your home so think about getting a diffuser and using essential oils. You can read Young Living Reviews to see what oils smell the best and will help keep your home calm and serene. 

Accessorize and Accent

Another fun thing that you can do to any room is to accessorize it. If it’s a bedroom this can look like reading lamps, decorative pictures, posters and anything that expresses who is living there. If you are really particular you can get accessories that match each other and go well with the rest of the room. Accenting can be done with colors so if you have white walls and a light gray furniture theme you can choose a bright red blanket cover for your bed that will really make it pop. You can keep this accent of red and have it with frames for photos, decorative pillows and curtains.  

Change Things Up

If you are settled down and are planning on staying in the same place for some time you always have the option of changing things up. This doesn’t mean you have to repaint every year (but you can if you want to) it just means that you can switch things up a bit if you are bored with your surroundings. You may need to switch out things when they break or are too worn out to be fixed. You can also switch out some accessories and choose new ones that match what you are trying to accomplish.  

Decorating and designing your house is an exciting adventure that can bring so much joy when done right. Whether it is your first home or your retirement dream house you will want to design it to make you happy when you walk in through the doors. Be sure to share this with a friend who just moved into a new place!

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