8 Types of Bed that Your Should Consider

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A bed is the most distinguishing feature in your bedroom. This is because it occupies a large portion of the sleeping area. This piece of furniture has both an aesthetic and functional purpose. As a result, you should choose the best bed for your home. Beds are designed for different ages and different heights. They are also made up of different materials. A good example is the latex bed. Without further explanation, let's get deeper into the different types of beds so that you can know the most preferable one for your home. 


Types of Beds


1. Sofa Beds


As the name suggests, these are multi-functional in nature. They can be folded straight into a sofa or down into a bed. This type of bed is suitable for a living area with limited space, for example, a tiny studio apartment. Nowadays, some sofa beds come equipped with a mattress. This feature has made them the most preferred bed for people with a small guest room.


2. Trundle Beds


A trundle bed is usually made up of two beds whereby one is fixed, and the other is movable. The movable bed fits perfectly under the fixed one. This kind of bed also helps save on space especially if you are expecting multiple guests. With both beds out, a trundle bed that's 6 feet wide can fit at least 5 adults. Due to their practicality and efficient usage of space, these types of beds have also gained popularity in recent years. 


3. Panel Beds


They are also known as platform beds. They have a large wooden base that is easily movable and directly touches the ground. Most Americans love platform beds because they are easy to set up. All you need to do is buy a mattress, place it on the platform, and you have a bed. 


4. Divan Beds


This is a type of bed that's created by the merger of two platforms through a bracket. The bed also comes with a lifting cover to create ample space for storage underneath it. In addition, the bottom of the bed directly touches the floor. Most buyers find this bed sturdy because of the way it's made up. Other features that this bed comes with include drawer storage, zip, sliders, a variety of colors, and link storage. 


5. Tot beds


This is a bed that has high boundaries. The name tot sounds almost similar to toddler and it's not a coincidence. These beds are designed for little babies. The high boundary is so that the child doesn't fall when turning during sleep. They are safe and comfortable for the baby. 


6. Bunk Beds


This type of bed is made up of two or more beds stacked up together. They are stacked in such a way that they form a single unit. Some beds use metal beams while other utilize wooden beams to connect the top bed and the bottom one. Since the beds are stacked together vertically, there is usually a ladder to ensure easy access to the top beds. In most cases, these types of beds are used for children's rooms. 


7. Loft Beds


The difference between bunk and loft beds is that the latter has only one bed. They are both raised, with the loft bed being supported by either wooden or steel frames that touch the floor. Since the bed is raised, the bottom area can be used as a working station. They are mostly designed for tiny apartments and are used by mostly adults.


8. Canopy Beds


This is a decorative bed with four posts from all corners. The four posts or pillars are often fitted with fabric shades that give it a dramatic look. This feature turns the bed into an awesome refuge for the sleeper. It just makes it feel cosy and luxurious. 




These 8 types of bed were designed to cater to different tastes and room designs. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can go for any.

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