What Is A Real Estate Lead And How Can You Get It?

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Within the world of marketing, the term lead is known as the first step to get a sale because it is a way to get the data of a customer. In the case of the brick sector, a real estate lead is an alternative way to interact with buyers and sellers.

What Is A Lead?

A lead is an English acronym that means to overtake. Its objective is to obtain the data of future clients through a register, for example, through an email, a page, a webinar, a subscription to a database, and so on.

Specifically, it refers to searching and registering customers on the web through different registries to offer them added value services, such as eBooks, offers and discounts, information of flats of interest, newsletter and even sales services.

Lead is a digital marketing technique that is used to generate new business opportunities that use the user experience with the generation of value.

The leads are generated through important information content, for example, this article titled lead real estate is a way to attract customers by explaining what a lead consists of, how to take advantage of it, specifically, in the brick sector. However, the lead is of little value if we do not get the data of a client. That is, we generate information, but ask for something in return, for example, ask for the customer's mail in return.

To get that valuable information from our client, in this case, your mail, the pages usually have windows that ask us to register. There is also the option of offering an eBook, in the same way, requesting the mail in exchange. Other forms of lead are blogs, articles on a web page, a landing page or landing page, and so on.

What Is A Real Estate Lead And How Are They Achieved?

The current real estate consumer is different from a few years ago because it uses different ways to get information that it did not have before. Nowadays, thanks to the possibilities offered by the internet, we can get opinions from other consumers on buying and selling platforms, on web pages, through applications or by searching for real estate.

If before it was common to place a sign on a floor or house both for sale, purchase, and rent nowadays that technique no longer works.

In fact, every time you use less and you use more online sales through different ways and depending on the quality of the lead we will get better sales percentages. But for this, we must establish a relationship with the client to obtain information and know it better. Thus, we can offer you valuable information for him, at the same time we offer you different products and services.

Different Kinds of Real Estate Leads

A lead goes through a series of phases in which each time it advances it gains in quality. For example, the real estate leads are the following:

  • Normal Lead: This lead comes from getting basic information such as mail, name and little else. This consists of the first phases of the sale, to continue evolving in the sale.
  • Qualified Lead: These leads are an intermediate stage of the sale. Here more information is requested than the name and mail, it is a record in which we ask for information such as name, mail, age, sex, and place of birth, where we live and what kind of real estate product we are looking for. Thanks to this information we can send you additional information based on your preferences (a type of apartment, house ...)
  • Lead of Specific Real Estate Sale: This lead is similar to the previous one, but more advanced and interesting data is requested for those who request it. For example, we want to know what the client needs, so we will ask for information about what you are looking for (house, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, suburban apartment, size, etc.). So, if we have an asset portfolio, we can send one to see if you are interested. These leads are a more advanced phase within the sale, in the case of real estate can be achieved through surveys on Facebook and social networks, phone calls, detailed records on web pages or specific webinars.

The quality of real estate leads will depend on their use and the relationship we establish with the client. The more data we ask, the better we will know the customer and the more possibilities we will have to get a sale.

But, we cannot spend asking for data as it is not convenient to be heavy with customers. It is a delicate and balanced process in which less is more. Having an email from a client can be used as a method to improve relations with the client.

Real Estate Marketing Actions

To do this we must combine content marketing and inbound marketing actions applied to the brick world with traditional tactics of the real estate sector such as the sample of flats, real estate qualification, and so on.

The rise of real estate portals is one of the newest ways to get the exclusive buyer and seller real estate leads, as well as to obtain information and advertise our products and services. The volume of contacts and customers that can be achieved with both methods is worth the effort of time and money.

You have to think that the consumer is different and demanding and relies on the opinions of consumers on platforms, blogs, applications, and real estate portals. In addition, the growth of the real estate market has been so great that the information offered by the current homes give all kinds of details such as photographs of all the rooms and furniture, the price, the square meters, information on household appliances, and so on.

In the case of real estate leads, it is a more advanced form of sale, but it is still a method to attract customers and take advantage of the advantages offered by new technologies in our favor. The rest depends on the client, the real estate and the quality of the service we offer.

For example, a real estate agency that has a good portfolio of real estate assets, that offers a good service, that has good agents, in short, that is an agency with a good reputation has greater possibilities of a sale.

The only thing he has to do (which is not little) is to make himself known and sold and the lead is another way to get it. If you liked this article do not hesitate to share it on social networks!

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