How Your Backyard Can Add Value To Your Home

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Whether you decide to sell your home today, or decades from now home owners always have a chance to increase the value of their home. The question is how. What most homeowners don't realize is that the answer to this question can be answered by simply looking out their window thinking about what their backyard can do for them. Easily overlooked, backyards have great potential for adding amenities to increase home value, like a lovely backyard pool. Depending on the surrounding neighborhood, and the type of pool installed in the backyard, many homeowners may actually make a profit from installing a backyard pool before selling the house in spite of the cost it took to install the pool. 


How Adding Backyard Pool Adds Value to Your Home

To receive the maximum benefit of installing backyard pool before selling your home there are a few real estate factors that must be considered before taking the first step before having a pool installed. Installing a pool can come up to a total of $20,000 varying on the materials used, and if the pool is constructed above or in-ground. The amount the house value may increase can be highly dependent on this difference along with the quality of the surrounding area, and the climate of the area. States that are warm for majority of the year such as the southern states close to the border are more likely to place high value on houses with a pool. This especially true if your house is located in a clean low-crime rate area with a decent amount of middle and/or upper-class families (Castanedo, 2019). Low class families are unlikely to be able to afford to maintain the up-keep on a pool, and low class high-crime areas are not desirable locations for buying a house no matter how desirable the individual house may be. These are the factors to consider before having a pool installed to increase the house value. For areas like Santa Rosa Beach, Florida the outlook of selling a house at a higher value after installing a backyard is good considering the factors.


Above vs. In-ground pools

One of the biggest decisions in making your backyard work for you when it is decided as a homeowner to raise the house value by building a backyard pool is what type of pool will benefit you the most in raising the house's market value. The choice between above ground and in-ground pools, and the material used to create the in-ground pool, is a crucial decision in what type of pool will raise the house value the most. Above ground pool are cheaper than the cheapest in-ground pool made to be moveable and can be built in a matter of weeks. In-ground pools on the other hand are more expensive, yet the shape and size are customizable, and they can last for a lifetime (Medallion Energy, 2019). Whether made out of concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl all in-ground pools are durable and have a longer lifespan than above ground pools. Considering locations that are of a warm climate like Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in-ground pools are the more obvious choice of pools to install to raise the market value of the house. The material used to construct the pool however is a matter for the homeowner to decide.

When the choice of what material for an in-ground pool is decided that is the time a home owner is ready to have a pool installed in the backyard it is best to look up pool builders in your regional area, for example pool builders in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. No matter what pool builders agency you choose a designer will be sent to your home to take measurements of the backyard, discuss your budget, discuss pool designs you may want, and the length of time it may take to install the in-ground pool (Blue Haven pools and Spas, 2019). As a homeowner the sky is the limit in the design you want for the pool, but it is important to remember that when selling a home consider the shape, size, and design of the in-ground pool will matter in how much the pool will increase the house's market value.

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