How to Choose the Perfect Chandelier for Every Room

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Chandeliers make beautiful centrepieces that add glamour and exuberance to any space. Yes, you read it right, any space. Gone are the days when chandeliers were just used in living rooms, as the latest lighting trends have introduced chandeliers to all parts of a home. And, why not? These glittering lighting fixtures have everything that’s required to become a versatile addition to all types of décor. Be it crystal chandeliers with their magnificent detailing or contemporary chandeliers with their elegant appeal, these lights never fail to amaze us.

It’s time you choose dazzling chandeliers for every room in your home and top the latest lighting trend. We’re giving a tour of the perfect chandeliers that work best for each room to help you transform your living space with lights. Let’s take a look.

Chandeliers for Every Room

For Entryway or Foyer

What else can be a better place to make a statement than the entryway? Impress your guests with a dazzling chandelier as soon as they walk through the front door. If you’re blessed with a tall ceiling in the foyer, then decorate it with a large-scale piece such as a Swarovski crystal chandelier signaling the guests about your sense of style. It is also a great way of illuminating a large space, especially if your foyer gives way to a staircase. However, go for petite chandeliers when you have a smaller space to decorate. Make sure you hang the light at least 7 feet above the ground to give visual clearance.

For Living Room

Living rooms and chandeliers are made for each other. The decorative presence of a subtle ceiling mounted light will be ideal to create an Instagram-inspired living room. The best bet is to avoid the glitz and glamour while embracing metal pieces that create a well-lit room. Hang the chandelier above your coffee table as it will act as a focal point and strike a balance between your living room furniture and light fixture.

For Dining Room

A dining room is a place where you can use unexpected chandeliers to introduce an element of surprise to your home décor. Choose anything from the iconic, retro sputnik fixture to a futuristic bubble-glass fixture. But, avoid pairing table and fixtures in similar shapes. For example, rectangular dining tables work well with linear chandeliers whereas round dining tables are excellently paired with small chandeliers with a soft design.

For Kitchen

Most homeowners prefer mini-pendant lights installed in a series for their kitchen. But a chandelier is a smart way to meet the demand of quality light in a kitchen. It will brighten up the ambience of this busy culinary workspace. Hang a playful, sculptural chandelier over your kitchen island and complement it with under-cabinet lights and coordinating pendants near the main light source to create layers of light.

Pro Tip: Choose a chandelier for your kitchen which is easy to clean as the moisture and grease in the kitchen can create trouble for cleaning ornate fixtures.

For Bedroom

A master bedroom needs a dynamic overhead chandelier to up the style game of this important room. Oversized, tiered chandeliers with unshaded bulbs are an excellent choice for bedrooms with high ceilings. They not only add stunning visual detail to the décor and give it an intimate feel but also enhance the functionality by illuminating the entire room. You can add dimmer switches to the light fixture for more lighting control.

For Bathroom

A chandelier in a bathroom? Seems strange, doesn’t it? Well, as long as the fixture is balanced with other elements of the bathroom, a chandelier can surely be used to brighten up the space. Most homeowners choose brass or crystal chandeliers for their master bath to keep things cool, up the luxe factor and set a relaxing mood. Even an uninspiring bathroom is sure to get a makeover with a showstopping chandelier. You can either hang the fixture over a freestanding tub or near the vanity to make the most of it. But make sure you select a fixture which is made to withstand moisture or else it can get damaged in the bathroom.

For Kid’s Room

The kids’ room is where all fun activities take place, thus deserving great lighting too. Go for a fun chandelier that matches your kid’s style. Chandeliers with shades are the preferred choice for nurseries because of their straightforward appearance. However, you can get some quirky custom-made metal or crystal chandeliers for sale at various furniture stores in Mississauga to install amusing lights in your toddler’s room.

Although chandeliers look great in the classic spots such as dining rooms and living rooms, adding it to non-traditional areas of the home will be fresh and trendy. Be it a crystal chandelier in your foyer or an unconventional one in your kid’s room, introducing complementing chandeliers in all parts of your home is sure to boost style and luxury of your living space while making it brighter. Even if you don’t use it as the main light source, these beautiful fixtures can add some extra lighting and charm to the room.

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