5 Things to Check Before Listing Your Home on the Market

Written by Posted On Monday, 01 July 2019 08:21

When living in a house, wear and tear might happen over time, and when you consider moving, the condition of your home becomes especially important. If you want to get the most out of it, it will be essential to take care of any necessary repairs. 

While you should first consult with your real estate agent, this article can give you a general idea about where to start and what a typical seller might need to fix. 


Keep the Exterior of the Home Ready to Impress

Since the buyers see the exterior first, it helps to make it look great. Fix the fence, sod, or any storage overflow like toys that are outside. You should address any significant issues like siding holes or missing shingles. Trim the grass, get rid of weeds, and add some flowers for an extra touch.


Fix Blemishes with Paint

Light and airy rooms are most popular among buyers because they make it easy for the home to be seen as an empty slate. Since it’s hard to anticipate what style the future buyers will appreciate, selecting a neutral palette can help them envision themselves in the home. If you need to repaint, it can make a major difference. Or focus on fixing one problem area. 


Spruce Up the Kitchen

Don’t feel like you need to completely upgrade your kitchen unless you have the budget for it and it might pay off later, but there are small improvements that you can make that can help a lot. You’ll need working appliances at a minimum. If anything can be done about the style of the countertops, lighting, or paint, you might also want to consider upgrading those. 


Make Sure the Bathroom Is in Tip Top Shape

Be sure that the bathroom doesn’t have dirty grout or tile. You’ll need to fix any issues with a faucet leaking or toilet not working as it should. Bathrooms can be expensive to fix up, but they are essential parts of the house that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Check that All Components are Functioning Properly

Spend some time ensuring that all locks, doorknobs, light bulbs, and the garage door works. Ensure that preventative HVAC maintenance, roof repairs, and safety hazards have been addressed.


You’re more likely to get a better price as long as things are in good working order. The home inspection is the point in the sale when the deal tends to fall apart the most. Knowing what common problems are can be helpful to get ready for the inspection. 


In short, it’s never wise to leave things in disrepair for a buyer if you want to sell your house for a high price. It’s important to fix the issues that could potentially stop a bank from giving a customer a mortgage for the property. On the flip side, if the house is beyond repair, you could see if a real estate investor would be interested in buying it.


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