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The Importance of UI Testing and why does it Matter?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 10 July 2019 23:39

For understanding the importance of UI testing we would need to understand the definition of UI testing. So, what is UI testing? It is basically the process of testing a software’s graphical UI to make sure that it is meeting all the specifications and requirements. 

It is often said that the job of a developer is similar to a professional photographer as photographers spend most of their time finding a perfect angle and perfect lighting and everything just comes out like a magic in just one click and similarly mostly software that is launched is being judged on how easy they are to use and whether they help us or not to get the job done.

It’s impossible to get what you want 

Developers spend days to improve all the functional aspects and underlying code of the software but users fail to notice these aspects, which is understandable as from users end as users mostly focus on the appearance and ease and the interface of the finished software. They form their opinion on the basis of appearances. A small problem in the interface can make a software unusable for a user and all those efforts and sleepless nights spent on creating that software will go to waste. Which makes it important to hire a UI Testing Company to get your UI testing done. 

No matter how perfect your code is or how perfectly you have established the database, if a user faces any issue while using the software in User Interface then all the hard work go to waste, which makes it important to focus on UI as much as the coding and database which made us write this article on the importance of UI Testing

You always get what you see

UI testing basically involves evaluating the entire User Interface on the most important variables like consistency, visibility, compatibility, usability, and accessibility. 

It is really important that UI testing is done during the initial phases of the development process as faster you resolve all the issues, the faster you will get rid of them and all the embarrassment that comes with the errors. 

Software development is like an evolutionary process and with time the software gets more and more complex and it gets more difficult to resolve the errors that were there in the initial stages and such errors lead to a delayed launch of the product, more hours, more developers, and ultimately more expenses and loss of profit.  

How to put User Interface testing in perspective

UI testing is not a straightforward and easy process, that’s why more and more companies are hiring different UI development Companies to get their job done and it is also important to spend a considerable amount of time for User Interface testing. 

If you still have doubts about the process of UI testing then you may consider it as testing a product’s graphical user interface in a way that it follows the written specs. Like all types of testing, in UI testing also you need different test cases that will cover all the functionalities inside a user interface.

The main problems that are mostly faces while doing a UI testing include, working in sequences and dealing with the domain size and this problem of domain size is quite obvious as we are not dealing with the command line interface, we are dealing with Graphical user interface here. So, every component in the GUI needs to be tested. 

The second most common problem in User Interface designing is the problem of sequencing. There are few functionalities offered by a system that can only be accomplished when you follow a complex sequence of graphical user interface events. We can think of it by considering an example where a user opens a file and for that, he will have to first go to File Menu & then click open & then use a dialog box for choosing a file and opening it in a new window. 

Even after so many complications & complexities, the process of user interface testing is very important if you want your software to get really successful in the market. And it is mandatory that your team at least conducts basic User Interface testing of at least basic functionalities, if not all the functionalities. You must ensure that the basic features of your software are functioning properly before launching the product in the market. 

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