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Simple rules how to connect a magnetic lock for you home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 11 July 2019 04:41

Before we begin the story of how to connect a magnetic lock for you home, let's see what this locking mechanism is.

This is a small coil with a cable inside which is a core of steel. The lock works only when connected to the electrical network, the voltage of which provides the attraction of the plate attached to the door by means of a generated magnetic pulse emitted by the rod. Most often, various aluminum alloys are used to manufacture the case. For the production of plates used stainless steel or chrome-plated metal, this avoids corrosion. The main advantage of locks of this type is ease of operation, although their installation can cause certain difficulties, since it requires proper connection to the power grid.

Only twelve volts for the safety of your home

For most magnetic locks of china magnet, a voltage of twelve volts is sufficient. These models are the most common.

The strength of the current directly affects the power of the lock and its ability to hold the door closed. Since the current value can vary from 100 mill amperes to one ampere, based on these values, you should choose a power supply. By the way, it is possible to determine the power of the locking mechanism visually, so to say “by eye” - the larger its dimensions, the more reliably it fixes the door and is able to withstand greater force loading.

Manufacturers themselves indicate on the box or in the accompanying documentation, what kind of effort in kilograms can withstand the lock. Modern models easily carry pressure of several hundred kilograms, and more reliable ones withstand a force of one and a half tons and more.

So, we figured out at what voltage most magnetic-type devices work. Opening the door occurs after receiving a pulse from the control system, which leads to a short-term opening of the magnetic circuit.

The control system is a special device programmed to read certain information from a specific key. If the information matches, then the door opens. The key is a magnetic keychain or a magnetic tape plate resembling a credit card. On the case of the magnetic lock installed on the door from the outside, there is a special hole or plate through which the code is read from the key.

Copper wire host

Now take a closer look at the process itself, how to connect a magnetic lock. First of all, it is necessary to mount the magnetic device and the counter plate on the duct and door leaf, and the controller should be inserted into the door or placed in the wall next to it.

To connect the controller that reads information from the magnetic key, with the magnet itself, a two-core copper cable is used. The cable section depends on the power for which the lock is designed. Many people choose aluminum wires, but their installation is much more difficult than copper. Laying the cable should be done after it is laid in a metal sleeve, protecting it from possible mechanical damage.

Next to the controller, you should install a lock power source connected to a conventional household network with a voltage of 220 V. A copper cable is recommended for this purpose, one of the cores of which will be back-up and another one - the ground cable. It is quite simple to determine it - the winding of the grounding conductor has a characteristic yellow-green color. Yes and the cross section are somewhat smaller than that of an ordinary vein. When laying the cable from the power supply to the controller housing, you should also take care of the presence of a metal sleeve.

In total, connect to a constant power source, which is the corresponding unit, you need several elements:

---> Door opening sensor;

---> Locking mechanism;

---> LED and buzzer;

---> A button that opens the door;

---> Device for reading information from the key.

In some cases, the LED and the buzzer cannot be connected, as well as the sensor of an open door. With regards to the connection scheme, it should be noted that each locking mechanism of a certain manufacturer has its own separate scheme. It’s almost impossible to describe everything. When purchasing a magnetic lock, make sure that the box with the device contains all the necessary documentation, among which there will be a wiring diagram for the model you purchased.

If you are not good at electronic circuits, then it is better to invite a specialist to connect a magnetic lock. This will serve as a guarantee that the locking device will work really high quality and will become a reliable barrier on the way of intruders.

What should be paid special attention?

Before you connect a magnetic lock, make sure you have a backup power source. Since the disappearance of the voltage in the main source, the lock will cease to perform the functions assigned to it. In general, for the greatest security, magnetic locks are recommended to be installed together with other types of locking mechanisms. This will significantly improve the security of the room.

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