Benefits of getting a resin driveway

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The driveway is the first thing a visitor notices when S/He visits your house. You would not want a driveway that cannot withstand heavy cars or the one that slips during ice or heavy rainfall.

This is where Resin driveway comes in picture. It looks soft while actually remaining hard inside so to withstand the weight of heavy cars. There are other benefits as well. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Why use Resin Driveway?

#1 Resin Driveway looks beautiful: You can choose between a wide range of color combinations.There are some modern looking driveways that simply look stunning.

#2 No Drainage Issues: Most of the resins are fully permeable to air and water, given that you’re opting for a reputed company/installer. When installed correctly, there will be no drainage issues. The advancement of technology allows water to easily pass through the resin.

#3 Cost-Efficient Driveways: If you already have a suitable sub base, then the cost of installing a resin driveways will be reduced significantly.

#4 Smooth finish and Hardwearing: A resin driveway is ideal for children, bicycle, pushchairs, and disabled access as well because it has long-lasting finish with no loose stones.

#5 Quick Installation: A resin driveway can easily be installed over an existing surface, as a result, it will save your time as well as money. In case there is no existing suitable surface, installing a resin driveway will take around one week to complete. Also, a 250 square meter driveway can easily be installed in a day with the help of 4-5 experienced workers.  

#6 Low Maintenance: Mould and Weeds are less likely to grow on a resin driveway. It also minimizes puddles and ice. This means with just a sweep with a stiff brush, you can easily clean your driveway.

Things to look for before installing a resin driveway

  1. a) Guarantee: Even the best companies can go wrong sometimes. Look for an established organization that offers a substantial guarantee and cover you against:
  • -Loose stone
  • -Cracks
  • -Oil damage
  • -UV degradation
  • -Color change
  • -Frost damage
  • -Workmanship
  1. b) Does the company adhere to national standards? Opt for companies that adhere to national standards such as ISO 9001.
  2. c) How much it costs? Cost of a resin driveway depends on the depth, size of the area as well as on the type of aggregator you choose. On average, it will cost £40 - £50 per square meter. It’s always better to compare at least three companies before finalizing one. Also, check if all of them are offering the same specification and whether the VAT is included or not.  
  3. d)Does the company provide a sample? You can request samples from the company in order to check if that is what exactly you want. Stay away from companies who are not willing to send you a sample or charge for them.
  4. e)Do they offer technical advice? Being an expert in the industry they must provide free advice on suitable bases, depths, blends, permeability and more.
  5. f)What weather conditions do they install it? Dry conditions are perfect for installing resin bound paving and the minimum temperature should be 0degrees and rising.
  6. g)Preparation and suitable bases: The surface shouldn’t have dust or loose material. Also, the areas near the installation base must be protected in order to minimize the risk of resin contamination. You can easily lay resin bound paving on your existing surfaces such as:
  • h) Crushed Rock: Best for areas with no vehicle access
  • i) Concrete: Crack free concrete that has been thoroughly cleaned
  • j) Asphalt: Resin can be laid on a cool asphalt, given that it is crack free
  • k) Grid Structures: In-filled with gravel, Resin can be laid onto the compacted stone
  1. l) Does the company offer after Installation support? It is very important. Not every company offers after installation support and it can be bad for you.
  2. m) Do they provide edging? Resin paving must be installed on a stable flat edge. This can be done via bricks, timber, or lawns. In case there is nothing, metal edging can be used to make the edge stable.


Modern Resin driveway looks very stylish and has the capability of holding heavy cars as well. Apart from that it doesn’t even need much maintenance and prevents drainage issues.

Recommendations can help you get information about a better installer. You can also try and view their previous installation to get a better idea about the company you’re choosing. Never pay for general advice. Reputed companies never charge for advice. Also, don’t go for a company that is willing to lay on an unstable base.

I hope you now understand why a resin driveway is important and the things you should be looking for before installing the risen driveway.

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