How to Prep Your Home to Sell

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How to Prep Your Home Before Selling


Take one look at your home from the driveway or the road. If the home doesn’t instantly cause you to feel heartwarming emotion, it’s time to make a few improvements before putting the home on the housing market. Buyers know within a few seconds of looking at a home if they’ll buy. You have a mere moment to make an impression. Prepping the home is simple, affordable, and ensures that your home attracts the eye of more people, thus sells fast.




Lawn service companies take the headache out of landscaping woes and create a property that executes beauty from the first impression. From grass cutting service to gardening, hardscape additions, and other services in between, these companies ensure that the exterior of the home looks amazing when it’s time to sell. Home buyers want a home with an amazing exterior, just as they want a home that eludes brilliance on the interior. Give them what they want and sell the home fast!


Add a Splash of Color


Any home that’s been lived-in for any length of time can likely benefit from a fresh coat of paint applied to the walls. If you’re bold, why not add a touch of color into the mix and create an even more appealing space in the home? It’s easy to paint the walls in any or all rooms of the house. As a result, the home looks fresher, more appealing, and more stylish, which keeps the buyer's eye on the home.


Repairs are Needed


Although it's easy to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair damages around the home, making small repairs can be sufficient enough to ensure your home is ready to sell. Fix the leaky faucet, repair the broken window pane glass, and update the appliances. It’s the small things that matter most and that bring out the best in your home. When it’s time to sell, do things the right way from the start!


Depersonalize the Space


Depersonalization is one of the first, and most important, things that a homeowner can do before they place their home on the market. Disassociate yourself with the home, which includes depersonalizing the property. Remove personal effects such as photos and make sure that you do not distract buyers by designs or decor they may find distasteful. Everyone has their own personal style. Showing off your personal style when selling a home simply isn’t the best way to handle things. Declutter the home when you depersonalize it to create a more inviting setting for buyers to enjoy.


Hire a Home Staging Professional


Staging the home before it's placed on the market for sale decreases the length of time the property spends there. Most people eagerly anticipate the sale of the home so they can move on to bigger, better things in their life. On average, homes stay on the market for 180-days, but home staging, or the art of setting the home up in a manner appealing to buyers using various aesthetic effects, furniture, and appliances, sell in half that time and for more money. Hire a home staging professional to turn your home into a commodity that buyers can’t wait to call their own.


Keep the ideas above in mind when it’s time to sell your home and you’ll find the property attracts more attention, brings more money, and sells faster. A little bit of hard work goes a long way when it's time to sell. Make sure you put forth that effort and sell your house without the wait!

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