Five Steps to Interior Decorating Success

Written by Posted On Thursday, 18 July 2019 18:33
  • Choose a Budget
    When you’re decorating your home, your budget is the most important step of the process, and it absolutely needs to be done first, before anything else. You should have your budget in mind as you decide on paints and furniture items, because the last thing you want is to decide on the layout or theme that you want, only to find that the two compatible set pieces you’ve picked out add up to more than you can afford, and you end up stuck with something lackluster.
  • Decide on a Theme
    If you’re into the idea of themes or want something special for your child or a guest bedroom or even your own, it’s important to make that choice early in the process because the rest of the choices you make will be based around what kind of theme, mood, or ambience you’re aiming for. When you’re decorating a room, what you really want is to evoke a certain feeling. What that feeling should be is up to you and will inform your decisions; whether you want a pool table or a long sofa, modern fireplaces or a more vintage look will all depend on the end result you’re looking for.
  • Pick Your Colors
    After you’ve decided on your theme, it’s a good time to choose what kind of colors you’d like in your space. Exactly what effect a color scheme will have on the ambience of a room is not an exact science and you may need some time to think and play around, but designers agree that color, especially paint on the walls and ceiling, can have potentially the biggest impact on the overall space compared with any other decorating decisions. The good news is that it’s also fairly cheap, so you can feel free to experiment a little and find what works best for your vision.
  • Select a Layout
    Selecting a layout and choosing furniture go hand-in-hand, but it’s always better to start out with at least a kind of vague idea of how you want to orient the space before you go choosing pieces to fill the room with. If you don’t go in with at least a semblance of a plan, you’ll likely begin to gravitate towards the first really cool large item you see and start to plan the rest of the room around it, which, depending on the item, can make the rest of the planning more difficult, and because so much of your plan is centered around that item, it can be tough to abandon it for something better.
  • Get the Furniture
    Once you have an idea of what kind of things you want and where, it’s time to take measurements and go out and find the pieces that work best for your vision of the room. If you’re not too confident, it’s okay to simply take some photos, go back to the room, and compare different items. Just don’t forget to take those measurements in case something doesn’t fit or you change your mind at the last second and fall in love with a bedside table that needs to squeeze in next to the armoire, for instance.
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