Attention First-Time Home Buyers With Kids: The Tips You Need To Know Before Agreeing To A New Home

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There is a difference between a first-time homebuyer with kids, and one without kids. The first-time homebuyer without kids is only thinking of themselves. You do not have any kids or pets in your life. You can afford to be a little selfish with your needs.


However, when you have kids and pets, the time to be completely selfish is over. You have a family now. You cannot afford to "make it all about you." This little guide will help you avoid some of the mistakes others have made in the past. It will show you how to buy a home that can handle kids and pets with a second thought.


1)Your Needs


Once again, you need to focus on your current needs. Your needs have changed since becoming a parent to a child and a pet. You have to think of their needs too. You might have been drawn to a condo or co-op in the past because you were either single or it was just you and your partner. A condo or co-op better suited your needs.


Now, cut to five years later, your life now has two kids and one of those uptown puppies. You need a home that you can put some sweat equity into it. Do you plan on living in this home for a good five years or more? Then, you need a home that spells out "family", not "I am single and loving it!"


You can still get your dream home, but your tastes have probably matured since your first thought about it. Kids and pets spell maturity, or at least they should, for the most part. You need a home that is going to offer that.


2)The Features


Once again, your life has changed since you first moved into that swinging condo ten years ago. You got married and had two kids. You even adopted a dog that you call your third child.


The features in your new home need to give that impression. You are not going to have rooms that look like a swinging bachelor. You are not going to have adult playrooms with a foosball table. You are going to need two kids rooms, maybe one more if you plan on having a third. You are going to need space for the dog. You will need spaces for your kid's toys. Do you see where I am going with this?


You can still have your master bedroom and bath for you and your partner where you do "adult" things, but you need to make the house a "home", not just someplace to crash, like you did when you were still a bachelor. Your home needs to reflect a mature, grown-up feeling.


3)The Money


You need to find a home that can offer a great mortgage rate, especially since you have kids. That is why you need to think about getting pre-approved before buying the home. Make sure you are a good credit risk. Once again, this falls under the idea of "a more mature way of thinking."


You did not have to think about this stuff when you were younger. Now, you do. Your credit score reflects your financial state. You will need to buy things for the kids and your pet. Do you have the financial security to do that?


Do you have the financial security to pay down your mortgage so you can start making money on the equity? Do you have enough savings? We all want our dream home. However, sometimes buying a more practical home makes more sense. Practicality is one of the key components in finding a house that can withstand little children and pets.




Buying your first home as an adult with kids and a pet is different than buying one when you are single or married without kids. You have to adjust your way of thinking. The best way to be perceived as an adult is to start thinking like one.

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