Benefits of investing in real estate for Dominica citizenship

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 30 July 2019 22:58

There are a lot of ways in which one could apply for the Dominican citizenship. Well, if you talk about the best way out of all, then Dominica real estate investment citizenship is the best. You too will agree to this, once you will go through the benefits that this method is going to give, in the section below.


  1.   . The first and the foremost thing that you gain from investing in the real estate for this citizenship is the right to resell your share that you have purchased. Once you have paid the fee that is required, you can sell your share for 200,000 US dollars, after a holding period of 5 years.  Not just this, after you have sold your share, you can retain your citizenship again and you can pass this citizenship to your next generations. Also, the ones who have purchased the citizenship will also be able to get the Dominica citizenship.
  2.   . If we talk about the profit that a person is likely to get, then it is not just about the things that you are going to get after the investment. It is also about the comfort or discomfort that you went through, when applying for it. Now, if we talk about this investment, then this is a very simple strategy. You need not to pay any transfer fee or tax or anything like that. In the name of investment, you just have to deposit 5%. No registration or investment fee is required. Also, there is no need of legal fee or maintenance fee.
  3.   . We all know that you can sell your share after the holding period of 5 years passes away. Now, once you have sold your share, you are applicable of getting dividends on a yearly basis. This dividend is given to the investors once the Resort’s operations start and once the 30 months of construction period passes away, you will be able to get 6,000 US $ in the 4th year of the holding period. Thus, once you have sold the share, you are going to earn from it all your life.
  4.   . Apart from these benefits, one is applicable for spending their 7 days in one year for free in this resort and this is one of the greatest benefits that one could ever get. There are actually two offers. You could spend 7 days in the resort and could take the advantage of all the facilities of the resort in the peak seasons. The number days to stay becomes double when the season is off, which mean you could actually spend 14 days at this resort when the season is off. The best thing is that you could bring one of your companions with you when you are staying.
  5. The real estate investment is the best way to obtain the citizenship for Dominica. The points that are mentioned here will help in getting the exact idea about the investment plan. 
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