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Property in Pattaya for rent is readily available, which may sound good initially. However, for those who are looking to rent a property it does mean you are inundated with options. Just when you think you have found the perfect property another option presents itself.

There are many Real Estate property agents in Pattaya, each with a portfolio of properties available. But before you decide to walk into any estate agent office you need to consider a few important factors first.

Why are you looking for a property in Pattaya for rent?

The main focus has to be what do you need a property for? Are you working in Pattaya or is this property a home from home base? Maybe you are retiring here in Pattaya and looking for a place to live. Whatever your reason you need to consider a few important factors.

Is the location suited to your needs? Do you have access to main roads and connections to locations such as Rayong, Bangkok and Laem Chabang. If you are working maybe this is an important factor to think about. What is traffic going to be like in morning and evening times? Nobody likes sitting in traffic, especially after a hard day’s work.

Think about the weather. Yes, Thailand suffers from serious rainfall during the rainy season, which often leads to bad flooding. Is your property high up or at the bottom of a hill? When it rains heavy here in Pattaya, you may be stranded until the flooding eases off. Small Soi side streets often flooded making access impossible, as do some of the major roads. Ask around, find out what to expect during the rainy season.

Who are your neighbours? Having found your perfect property for rent in Pattaya, do you know who lives next door. Thai families are known to be active early mornings and stay up late at night in general. Perhaps you are wanting a quiet neighborhood and don’t want a noisy neighbor. Try and ask who lives next door before committing pen to paper.

Property in Pattaya is available to suit all budgets!

One of the best aspects of Pattaya, is there are properties available to suit all budgets. A small room with a shower can be found for around 2,500B a month. At the other end of the scale, a high-end property in Pattaya for rent, can set you back over 100,000B per month. Condominiums, villas, bungalows, townhouses and mansions are all readily available.

Once you have paid your deposit and rent in advance you are ready to move in. Living in Pattaya is a wonderful experience and it is easy to see why so many people want to live in this city. Retired expats as well as Thai families all live in Pattaya. There are excellent schools, hospitals and shopping facilites here in Pattaya.

If you are considering a property in Pattaya for rent be sure to take your time. Speak to local real estate agents and seek advice before you commit to any contract.

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