How to Keep Your Tiled Bathrooms Looking New

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 August 2019 11:43

There are many ways to keep your tiled bathroom floor looking beautiful and new. Here are a few ways to do that. You can start by using mild cleaning products to make sure that the grout in the crevices of your tiled floor are clean. Start by removing any dust and dirt with a vacuum or broom. This is great for ceramic tiled surfaces. After you have done this, scrape any sticky residue from the tile. You can then make a mixture of hot water, vinegar, and a half teaspoon of dish soap to clean the surface. This will clean the surface very effectively without scratching it. If you are using a mop, make sure to clean the mop thoroughly before you use it on your tile floor. Make sure it is free of debris from previous usage. Once you have completed cleaning your tiled floor, you should dry the surface with a soft cloth to prevent water stains. This will ensure that the beauty of your tile will not be affected by water spots. Air dry can also be used as long as it is quick and does not leave water spots on your tile.

Preventative Protection

Once you have cleaned your ceramic tile, you can use a grout sealer to help prevent dirt from sticking to your tile in between washes. Maintaining beautiful tiled floors in your home can be made easy when following these instructions. To ensure your tiled ceramic floors are not scratched, you may also want to add rugs and require soft sole shoes or socks when entering floor surfaces containing tile. This is the best way to reduce scratches and keep your tiled floors beautiful at all times. Do not wear shoes with rough surfaces, boots, work shoes, or other types of footing which may damage or scratch your ceramic tile.

Grit and sand can harm the surface of your ceramic tile. Always make sure to keep your tiled surfaces clean so that they do not scratch your tile. It is not difficult to maintain clean and beautiful bathroom tiles but you must make sure to use certain products which will not be harsh on your tile. This will ensure you can keep your tiles beautiful at all times. Beautiful ceramic tiles are a wonderful enhancement to your bathrooms, kitchen, or any other room in your home and can sometimes be very delicate surfaces. Make sure that any products you are using are not harsh but contain mild ingredients.


Professional Cleaning Services

There are also professional cleaning services that will come and clean your ceramic tile and clean your grout as well. This option can be easy and convenient.  Tile and grout cleaning can be hard to keep on top of and professional cleaning is a great way to start.  Once they have cleaned your tile and grout, it’s much easier to stay on top of. Use some of the preventative measures that were mentioned before

Re-doing Grout

Grout cleaning can sometimes be very challenging as it involves cleaning the cracks in the surface of your ceramic tile flooring. Many people choose to do this by using a small plastic utensil or a credit card. If you choose to use something to scrape the crevices of your ceramic tile, make sure that it is gentle and will not scratch the surface.

Tile can add so much to any room.  It’s important that we keep it looking fresh and new.  Having someone come and clean it is a great start. Then make sure you stay on top of the tile.  Seal your grout to keep it from discoloring, or breaking apart. Keep you tiles clean of debris and try to limit things that would bring in debris that will scratch and mar you tile.

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