Microsoft MS 100 and MS 101 Exams: Overview and Tips for Success

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Microsoft MS 100 and MS 101 Exams: Overview and Tips for Success

New Microsoft role-based certifications are offered in three levels, namely fundamental, associate, and expert. Therefore, IT professionals at different levels of experience and expertise are catered for in the certification program. Today, Microsoft certifications focus on job roles rather than product knowledge. The role-based certifications are divided into the following categories: Business Apps, Data and AI, Apps and Infrastructure, and Modern Workplace. Some job roles you can get through these credentials include Solutions Architect, Developer, DevOps Engineer, Enterprise Administrator, and Azure Administrator.

With the introduction of new certifications, some of the old credentials and exams in the 70-xxx series were retired. However, candidates who already passed certain certification exams can obtain new certifications by taking transition exams.

70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements is one of the popular retired exams which was replaced with the tests MS-100 and MS-101. In the new certification system, these exams are associated with the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. This is a high-level credential which can be obtained only if you already possess one of the following certifications:

>Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate

>Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator

>Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

>Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate

Below we will talk about MS-100 and MS-101 exams and their details.

MS-100 exam

MS-100 is called Microsoft 365 Identity and Services. It tests the skills necessary to manage authentication services, roles, and user identity. This exam is available in English and costs $165 in the US.Skills measured in MS-100 exam include:

1. Designing and implementing Microsoft 365 services

>Domain management

>Planning implementation of Microsoft 365

>Setting up Microsoft 365 subscription and tenancy

>Planningmigration of data and users

2. Managing user roles and identity

>Designing a strategy for identification

>Planning identity synchronization with the help of Azure AD Connect

>Managing Azure AD identities

3. Managing authentication and access

>Implementation of multi-factor authentication

>Configuration of application access

>Implementation of external access for users of Microsoft 365 workloads

4. Planning Office 365 applications and workloads

>Deployment of Office 365 workload

>Deployment of Office 365 applications

Exam MS-101

This exam is called Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security. It is targeted at Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators who perform evaluation, migration, deployment, and management of Microsoft 365 services. This exam is also available in the English language and costs $165.

MS 101 exam topics

1. Implementation of modern services on devices

>Implementation of Mobile Device Management

>Management of device compliance

>Planning for apps and devices

>Planning Windows 10 deployment

2. Implementation of security in Microsoft 365

>Implementation of Cloud App Security

>Implementation of threat management

>Implementation of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

>Management of security alerts and reports

3. Managing Microsoft 365 governance

>Configuration of Data Loss Prevention

>Implementation of Azure Information Protection

>Management of data governance

>Management of auditing and eDiscovery

Exam question formats

>Active screen

For active screen questions, candidates are presented with an application screenshot and simulate controls (buttons, checkboxes, etc.). Scrolling through a whole question is also made possible by a scroll bar. To cancel all the answers, candidates should press the reset button.

>Case study

A case study outlines a business case and then presents multiple questions concerning the scenario. There are buttons on the left pane which help candidates to explore what the case study entails. These buttons enable one to access the following information: the business requirements, current environment state, problem statement, etc. When the candidate reaches the end of the task, a review screen will appear. This review screen enables candidates to check and make changes to their answers before proceeding to the next section. After the candidate has completed the question, he/she will not be able to make changes.

>Best answer

In best answer questions, candidates will be presented with a multiple-choice question and a list that contains a few answers. There will be more than one correct answer in the list of options, but candidates are expected to select the best among them.

>Build list

A build list presents a number of items on the left of the screen. These items need to be moved to the answer area on the right and arranged in the correct order. Rearrangement in the answer area can be done by either dragging the options to new positions or using arrows.


This type of questions entails dragging selected answer options from the source area to the answer area. Reversing selections can be done by moving the options. Some answer options can also be used multiple times. To clear all selections, one should click the reset button.


Multiple-choice questions are of two types. The single-answer type requires only one selection while multiple-answer requires more than one selection (depending on the question). One can change their selections by clicking on other choices.

Exam preparation tips

Microsoft offers a number of support programs to prepare for MS-100 and MS-101 exams which include self-paced or instructor-led learning. For the self-paced option, candidates can enroll in courses that cover all the necessary exam topics and learn at their own pace. An instructor-led training, on the other hand, allows you to study in the classroom while being guided by a certified instructor.

Another effective preparation option which makes passing exams easier is exam dumps. Dumps are past exam questions and answers which should be obtained from trusted websites or they will not be valid. Examsnap is one website where you can obtain updated dumps and use them to conduct as many practice exams as you wish.

Final word

It goes without saying that obtaining a Microsoft certification is the best way to advance one's IT career. With preparation materials from Examsnap and the tips shared above, candidates can successfully pass MS-100 and MS-101 exams. The process of attaining Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification has now been significantly simplified for you!

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