7 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

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Do you want to sell your house quickly but you don’t know how to do it? Maybe you want to move on with life or relocate to another place. You may also want to close on the house quickly and buy another property before somebody else does. Perhaps, you’re tired of keeping the house in pristine condition and staging furniture whenever a prospective buyer schedules a visit. Regardless of your reason to want to sell your house fast, here are tips to help you close faster.

1) Handle All Quick Fixes

Before you list your house for sale, walk around to see if there are areas which need a little work. You might notice a broken drawer, a leaky faucet, or caulk cracks around fixtures, mouldings, and sinks. Have such damage fixed before you list your home for sale. It’s highly likely that such areas will come up during inspection. Therefore, have the damage fixed before you do anything else.

2) Set the Right Listing Price

Don’t get aspirational when setting the listing price for your house. You might be tempted to set an unrealistically high listing price hoping to come down later. Unfortunately, this can backfire on you. Modern buyers and agents have easy access to comparable homes’ information. As such, they can easily tell how much your house is worth in the current market.

Overpricing your house can make it stay in the real estate market longer even after a price cut. That’s because buyers can assume that something is wrong with it. Therefore, set a listing price which will attract more prospective buyers. Pricing correctly or a bit lower can actually cause a bidding war which will see your house sell faster and fetch a higher price.

3) Market the House Online

Selling a house quickly entails more than just listing it on a local listing company’s website. A 2018 report by the National Association of Realtors shows that 44% of home buyers started their property search online. Out of these, 87% reported that quality photos helped in their search. Therefore, invest in quality photos and list your property on different online platforms. Make sure that prospective buyers can get information about your house on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

4) Make Viewing the House Easy

Most buyers want to view a house on sale when it’s convenient for them. If a buyer can’t set up a meeting to view the house privately, they might lose interest. Therefore, make sure that agents can easily bring clients to view the house. What’s more, make touring your home easier for prospective buyers once they see it online. This is particularly important in a hot market with many competing sellers. A home that is easy for prospective buyers to see with little or no notice sells faster. On the other hand, a house whose seller requires a 24-hour notice to see can be skipped by most buyers.

5) De-Clutter the House

A cluttered house looks smaller than it really is. To sell your house quickly, remove all extra stuff before you list it for sale. Closets and rooms will look bigger if they are not filled with junk. You can de-clutter your house by renting a temporary storage unit and donating or selling the stuff you no longer need.

6) Work on the Curb Appeal

A study by Michigan State University shows that a home with great landscaping and curb appeal is perceived as having a higher value by 5-11%. This can translate to a faster sale. You don’t have a second chance when it comes to making the first impression. Well-done landscaping, a freshly painted front door, and a new mailbox can all enhance the first impression of a home for sale. Invest in trimming bushes and trees, tidying up flower beds, and clearing out cobwebs from the entrance. You can also have walkways, decks and patios pressure-washed.

7) Depersonalize the House

Depersonalizing a house for sale makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine living in it. Buyers should see the house as space which is ready for them to occupy. Therefore, remove religious and political items, children’s artwork, and anything which can make the house feel like your home. You can even have some empty rooms at first and fill them out later with staging furniture when listing online.

Follow these tips and you will easily sell your house quickly. Majority of these tips will enable you to get your house off the market faster without a significant impact on your profit.

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