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Garage Design Ideas 2019

Written by Posted On Friday, 23 August 2019 04:37

The garage. Often a forgotten piece of space, underused, or used in the wrong way. While most people use it to park the car, the rest of the area ends up as bad storage. Boxes from moving in years ago, lawnmowers that would do better in the shed. But it might surprise you to know that actually, the garage can be a very useful and beautiful space. Do some research, and you’ll find some great options. Updweller is a great place to check out for design in the home, and the tools you might need to get started.


The garage is typically used to store tools, and as such, you can invest time and money into getting the best storage solutions. The right design for the inside of the garage will make a difference. We often just look at them as concrete rectangles - but the possibilities are endless. Using the wall space, you can instal a range of hooks or nails and arrange your tools in the order in which you use them the most. This will mean that everything has a place, and you will be able to spot when something is missing. 


Another typical stored items are bikes. You can choose to have wall brackets that will allow you to hang the bikes and maximize the floor space, or install some floor fitted bike stands. From a safety point of view, you should always make sure that they are chained in place too. 


You don’t need to keep the drab concrete walls or the exposed bricks. You can paint the walls, floor and ceiling in whatever colours you like. If you spend a lot of time fixing things and pottering in the garage, then choose a colour that makes you feel relaxed and productive - green, for example. If you are looking for a slicker, sleeker feel, then matte black with copper and bronze fixtures looks excellent. 


The lighting in garages leaves a lot to be desired. Fitting a range of spotlights in the ceiling as well as some wall lights will ensure that there is more than enough light in there. If you have the time and money, then you might consider adding some windows. But, when having windows installed in a garage, you’d be wise to have the frosted, and security bars fitted too. After all, it is where you keep your car. 


If you have drive space, you can extend your garage out or to the side. If you extend it to the side, so it would accommodate two cars, then you have a lot more space to play with. As an extra feature, if you live in a reasonably safe area, a simple roof with wooden beams as support, carport style will give you a lot more space. 


You’ll want to install the safety garage door that you can buy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be unattractive. If you have opted for a traditional garage with a lot of wooden features, then extend that design to the door too. Equally, if you have gone for a modern, slick feel, consider something in keeping. Typically all garage doors should be remotely controlled as they are easy to use from the comfort of your car, and because the roll into the roof, they don’t impose themselves on the driveway. 

Roof Space

The garage roof is an expansive untapped space. Installing a range of racks and hooks will mean you can hang things like shovels, rakes and sweeping brushes. If you often use electrical tools in the garage, rather than run wires around the space, you can feed them up into the roof storage, and secure them against the wall above your workbench, and keep them off the floor - which is excellent for safety. You can also store lawn chairs and other furniture items that don’t stay out all year long. 

Summer Fun

When the sun comes out, so seemingly do all the kids pools, footballs and other garden toys. The garage is the logical place to store them if you don’t use a shed. Rather than have things strewn around the room, get a dedicated box and put it close to the door - and away from the tools. So when the summer rolls around, the kids or an adult can quickly get what they need in the safest way. 


The garage shouldn’t be an unloved part of your home, after all, if you’re paying rent or a mortgage this space is costing you money. So doing something with it, and taking the time to make it feel like a part of your home is essential. Add colour, a radio, and make it personal to you. 

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