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PrepAway Presents: Six Sigma Certifications List

Written by Posted On Saturday, 24 August 2019 02:15

The Six Sigma certifications are highly valued credentials in the business world. Read on to learn more about their importance.

The Six Sigma certificationshelp in validating the skills and knowledge of identifying and removing defects, risks, or errors in a business process. To be able to understand what these certificates entail, you should first know what Six Sigma is. In case you don’t know, Six Sigma is simply a set of methods that the companies use to fight with defects and achieve quality.

The individuals seeking to get the Six Sigma credentialsare required to have the relevant experience, as well as present an evidence of their proficiency. With a Six Sigma certification, you can become a specialist in business process improvement. With this certificate, your credibility will definitely be enhanced a great deal. Start learning Six Sigma today from the industry experts at PrepAway and get certified. You can join instructor-led training or watch tutorial videos online.

Levels of Six Sigma certifications

Like most certificates, the Six Sigma program is also categorized into various levels with each one measuring a specific set of skills. The levels of the Six Sigma certifications include: White, Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belts. They presuppose the individuals’ roles in a project team.You can obtain these Six Sigma credentials through any accredited body of your choice. For instance, you can get your Six Sigma credential through ASQ.

Let us now take a close look at each of the Six Sigma certification levels.

  1. 1. Six Sigma White Belt

White Belt is the first level of the Six Sigma certification program. It deals mainly with the basicsof Six Sigma. Precisely, the White Belts mainly deal with change management within an organization. They also engage with the teams that solve local problems to assist projects. Since it is focused on the basic concepts, it is the lowest level of the Six Sigma certificates Get Discount Coupons.

  1. 2. Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This is the second level of the Six Sigma certification program. It deals with the features of Six Sigma. Acquiring this credential means that you not only know the Six Sigma specifics, but also understand where and how to apply themeffectively for the benefit of a company. With this certificate, you will be qualified to support teams in solving problems.

  1. 3. Six Sigma Green Belt

This is the level of the Six Sigma certification program that presupposes advanced analysis that helps in resolving problems that have an effect on quality. TheGreenBeltsnot only leadprojects but also help the Black Belts with the analysis and collection of data.

You can prepare yourself forthe Six Sigma Green Belt certification at PrepAway. You will learn and have an in-depth understanding of the core principles of Six Sigma and how to effectively implement applications and quality projects.

  1. 4. Six Sigma Black Belt

If you have the Black Belt certification, you have the skills and knowledge of leading projects. As a Black Belt, you are an IT expert. The Black Belts provide training and also lead projects in an organization.

  1. 5. Six Sigma Master Black Belt

When you achieve this certification, which is the highest possible level of Six Sigma, you will be able to shape a strategy. You will also be a consultant. With this credential, you will have the competence to coach the Green Belts and the Black Belts.This certification program is planned to help you learn and master the concepts of both Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma technologies.

6. Obtaining Six Sigma certifications

The Six Sigma credentials, unlike other popular IT-related certificates, are offered by a number of various certification bodies. Some of these bodies are the IASSC and the ASQ. This means that if you are seeking a credential, you should compare the programs before choosing any of them. Each certification body provides similar but not identical levels of the Six Sigma certificates. However, the credentialswe have highlighted above are mostly standard and are offered across the programs.

Unlike most IT credentials, the Six Sigma certificates do not actually form any particular certification ladder. In other words, you don’t have to obtain any specific level of Six Sigma to be qualified to pursue another Six Sigma certification. For instance, Green Belt is not a prerequisite to Black Belt; you don’t have to be a Yellow Belt to become a Green Belt.

To achieve any Six Sigma certification, you should be able to meet specific experience requirements, demonstrate practical competency, and pass a written test. Most of the bodies offering these certificates usually provide training as a part of their program. Whether the certification body you have chosen to get your Six Sigma from provides the training for the certification program or not, you can always benefit from the training materials from PrepAway. Thus, visit this website and find the bet study tools.

The SixSigma exams are normally administered by Prometric and Pearson VUE. The tests are also provided by recognized certification bodies at various special educational events and conferences. The written exams are typically of multiple-choice types. The difficulty of each written test depends on the certification level. The allotted time for every examalso depends on its difficulty and the level of credential. Hence, you should know all the information about Six Sigma before preparing for any test.


The Six Sigma certificates are so important that the individuals and organizations cannot actually be overstated. It is important that you remain competitive for you to be employable. The best way is to enroll for the Six Sigma certification program and get certified. Remember that PrepAway has a lot of useful materials for you.

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