Creating Your Own Oasis: Getting A Pool

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Everybody In The Pool

During the scorching hot summer seasons, what better way is there to take advantage of the heat than jump into a pool? It is the perfect way to unwind and have lots of fun! Many homeowners get a head start making calls to pool companies in mid spring to begin work on building a pool. Pool builders have become busier than ever over the past few years. People are looking for a vacation in their own backyard. Why pay thousands in airfare to go to the beach when you can have your own private paradise right at home? With all the expenses you'd pay on a family trip, you could go all out and build the pool of your dreams. Having a pool at home is the best way to keep your kids home for the summer and to create many wonderful memories.


Splish, Splash!

From the biggest theme park attraction in your own backyard to a small simple pool is completely up to you. Pool builders are able to do many things and can carry out almost any design you wish. There are many options you have when getting a pool. You can choose any material from fiberglass, concrete and vinyl. Here's a closer look at the difference in these materials.


Which Way To Go?

1. Fiberglass: Fiberglass pools are very quick and easy to maintain. The smooth gel-based surface of the fiberglass is smooth and inhibits the growth of algae production. With fiberglass, you will save money on maintenance costs. They are built offsite and are usually shipped in. You will pay more in the initial cost but the lifetime quality is very simple. The downside of fiberglass is that they are not as customizable. There are a limited amount of shapes and sizes you can choose from. However, you can still pick a colored finish and a ceramic tile to make your fiberglass pool beautiful.

2. Concrete: With concrete pools, the sky's the limit. You have the choice to make it as big or as small as you want. They can also be and any shape or depth that you wish. You can completely transform your yard and build a pool that is a work of art. Unfortunately the concrete pool option is the most expensive. There will be a very high initial and lifetime cost. They take longer to build and require much more maintenance. The surface of concrete pools are very porous and require a high amount of chemicals to prevent algae and bacteria growth. The high alkalinity of the pool can raise the pH level of the water and require to add acid to the pool more often. The price will be much higher with concrete pools, but if you have the money and the time for maintenance, then go for it.

3.Vinyl: Then there is vinyl. Vinyl is also very customizable and you can choose to make it any size, depth or shape. It has a very smooth surface and also inhibits algae growth. The major concern with vinyl is that it is very thin. It is only around as thick as a few sheets of paper put together. If you have pets or children, this may not be the choice for you. Throwing things in the pool and lots of wear and tear could damage the lining and be very expensive to replace. Vinyl liners are only made to last roughly 5-10 years to start with so you will need to be extra careful.


Final Thoughts

No matter what material you decide you use in building your pool, your family will be happy. Adding a pool to your home is such a wonderful way to relax after a long day at work. Your children will have a blast playing in their new pool. They can have their very own deep sea adventure without leaving the house. It is a good way to watch over them during the summer and keep them safe. You can have lots of fun pool parties or lounge in a pool float. You could lay out in a lawn chair to read a book while soaking up the sun and keeping an eye on your family. The choice is yours and with your own pool, you can enjoy summer to the fullest. You only live once, and why not enjoy your very own pool? There are many wonderful pool builders in Las Vegas. You should pick up the phone today and call to talk to a specialist to begin work on your pool!            

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