How To Sell Your House Fast

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To find a buyer without delay, and not having to reduce the selling price of your home, here are 10 points to consider.

1. Ask the professional help of a broker

One of the first decisions to make is to choose between a broker and a FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

The real estate broker is responsible for preparing contracts and sales agreements and ensures that their client understands each documents. In addition to coordinating showings, they optimize the marketing of the house. These services, however, have a cost, and this standard commission is 6% of the selling price of the home.

For “for sale by owner” save you from having to pay a commission, but you will need to be available to answer calls and do showings. Notaries and real estate specialists can be made available to users according to the chosen plan. Also keep in mind that selling your house can be an emotional step: so be sure to be well surrounded.

2. Set a fair price: neither too low nor too high

Setting the selling price of your property is a crucial and sometimes stressful step. There are several things to consider, including industry data and time constraints. To see clearly, make sure you get the support of your real estate broker, experts put at your disposal by your assisted sales real estate service or a professional appraiser.

The appraiser is a qualified professional who will produce a full report of the market value of your property. Their fees will be charged to you. Unlike the real estate broker, they do not receive a commission on the sale: they are therefore impartial.

3. Highlight the distinctive elements of your home

Your home certainly has features that set it apart from others. To bring attention to your property, put these unique elements in value:

---> A kitchen or a newly renovated bathroom

---> Large and bright common areas

---> A beautiful flowered courtyard or swimming pool surrounded by landscaping worthy of a decoration magazine

These elements must stand out in your listing. Do not neglect the photo presentation of your property, because it is that who will ensure that your listing will be seen! Also, consider adding plants and some decorative elements to make your property stand out from the neighbors and look warmer.

4. Reinvest in your property

When selling a house, it is recommended to invest between 1% and 3% of its market value in residential development. This investment will make your home warmer by improving the appearance of certain rooms. Besides, consider completing the work started to simplify the life of the future buyer.

5. Pay special attention to the front door

When determining the development plan for your property, think of the front door. It is the first physical contact your buyer will have with your home. A damaged, dirty, or tired door will not give a good image of the house. Better to clean it meticulously or replace it. These are a few hundred dollars of investment that can make all the difference!

6. Repaint the inside in white

For your property to be highlighted in the listing photos, a brushstroke is required. Sometimes, repainting everything in white, or at least the essential pieces can change the game. It will help to ventilate the space and give more volume to your property.

7. Create space

It is easy to collect unnecessary furniture, clothes that are no longer worn, leftover building materials or crates of books that will never be read again. And, in general, the more space you have, the more you fill it. As your move will get you rid of several items, it's better to start getting rid of them now. Your property will look bigger, and an interested buyer can more easily imagine living there.

8. Store personal items

In order for potential buyers to feel comfortable in your property, or even at home on the first visit, it is best to remove all personal items in sight. To depersonalize it, it is, therefore, best to avoid children's drawings on the refrigerator, family photos on the dresser and clothes hanging on the clothesline. That said, your property should not be cold so far. A beautiful recipe book on the island of the kitchen or a small bouquet of flowers in the living room will bring the necessary heat to convince the most reluctant buyer.

9. Think about the olfactory atmosphere

When you are ready to show, make sure potential buyers appreciate the smell of your property. Without even realizing it, the smell of a space dramatically influences your perception. Special attention should also be paid to wardrobes and closets. We want to prevent them from feeling stale. Bet on a scent of cleanliness and freshness, without falling into an excess of cleaning products. Everything is a question of balance.

10. Be generous with potential buyers

Does a buyer seem to show interest? Do not be afraid to show yourself generous. For example, if you cannot use your patio furniture in the new residence you have targeted, why not give it to them for free? Or, offer to buy your appliances at a high price. You can also leave him your curtains. A gesture to simplify the life of the buyer is always appreciated.

Selling a property is not easy, especially if you want to find a buyer quickly. However, with the right strategies, you could speed up the process while setting a fair price.

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