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5 Ways To Sweeten Your House's Curb Appeal

Written by Posted On Thursday, 29 August 2019 20:42


Most people who've bought and sold homes have heard the term curb appeal. It's a popular saying for a reason. Whether you're selling a home or just love to have people visit, the curb appeal is the first impression they get of the home and of your lifestyle. Often times, the outside of the home gets taken for granted.  Securing good lawn maintenance companies is a must. The front yard gets the bare minimum. Ever visited a home with a boring yard or worse but the interior looked Home and Garden worthy?


Here's a little secret, most people are intimidated by curb maintenance. This happens because it's more than just the front yard that has to be taken care of. Once you own a home, you find out really quick that there's more than meets the eye. Here, we'll let you in on the 5 most important ways to sweeten your curb appeal and if you're in a Homeowners Association (HOA), keep them off your back.


The first thing we'll cover is what most people see first. This doesn't have to be a big, expensive deal. We'll warn you of a few things that'll keep your cost down and teach you the hidden things to focus on. First, the lawn isn't always about fancy trees and bushes along with flower beds that will die and need a lot of maintenance.


Focus on the health of the grass. Find out what kills it in your region. Brown grass is unattractive and can be caused by certain types of bugs rather than the sun. If you're into tree islands then choose something hearty for the climate in your region and stick to one in the middle of the lawn. Maybe put some lights facing upward to the tree. Palm trees look great like that.


The sun and sprinkler systems do a lot of damage to the exterior walls of the home. It's always good to make sure the sprinkler system is not hitting the wall. A Rainbird that fits onto a hose can get the areas of grass that the sprinklers don't.




Give your home a fresh coat of paint. A clean, neutral color with contrasting trim and shutters if you have them does well to give the home class. Grab some color swatches at the DIY shop and plan away. Remember neat, clean and pristine color does a lot for curb appeal because it's friendly to the eye.

If you're in tight proximity to other homes in the community and want it to blend in that's fine too. Drive or walk around the neighborhood and look at the colors the residents are using. If you know the people or you're the outgoing type, ask them how often they have to paint.


Take a Good Look at Exterior Doors and Frames


Doors and frames are just as important as the walls. If you have an older home with the original wooden doors, you may want to replace them or refinish them. Some folks love wood but you'll have to keep up with wear and tear and weathering. You'll also have to update the color that coordinates with the new paint job.


Gutters do more than you think:


When gutters get old, they bend and dent. They also get stuffed up with leaves, tree sap, and various debris. If they aren't cleaned properly, they can run dirty water off onto the walls, windows, porch, and doors. You'll find stains everywhere that are hard to clean and prime for painting. If you have this issue, take care of the gutters first. Have them cleaned thoroughly and regularly going forward. Paint the gutters accordingly.




Look at your windows the same way you would your doors. Do they need to be replaced to match the new doors or refinished? Windows take the brunt of the seasons. If they're wood then check for wood rot.


Just remember that a few things can make a huge difference.  With just a little time or effort we can increase the appearance of our house.  Make sure you analyze what can be done with your house and how you can improve it.  Make sure you do some research as well. Be sure what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna do it before you start.


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