How to Avoid a Dry Environment in Your Home

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Dry Air in Your Home Hurt Your Baby

The house should have a temperature and humidity suitable for your baby, both in summer and winter. The humidifiers will allow you to clean the air and make it less aggressive for your child. When a baby arrives at our house, we have to control the temperature and adapt it to the little one, so that it does not pass either cold or heat. Be careful because if the baby sweats, colds, or skin problems may appear.


It is also very important that the room environment is not dry; it is recommended that it be sufficiently moist. It is very important to humidify the environment since the lack of moisture makes it difficult for the baby to breathe because it dries up the small amount of mucus he has in the airways. Humidifiers clean the environment of the rooms and make it less aggressive for your baby. Hopefully, there are a large number of models that can carry out these essential tasks. You can use a baby humidifier to reach a healthy home humidity level, for better sleep, to relieve your baby of congestion and cold.


The relative humidity values considered optimal for our health and that of babies range between 40% and 60%. The humidity has to be well regulated because it is neither good nor lack or excess, you can control it with the hygrometer that measures the percentage of moisture in the air and detects if it is within the optimal parameters.


Consequences of Lack of Moisture in the Human Body

It is natural to think of the best ways to keep a comfortable and cool home, despite whether it is winter or summer. There are several factors by which our health can be affected, and one of those factors is the constant unevenness of humidity in the space we occupy.


In the winter months, when using the heating too much, it will cause our mucous membranes to suffer a very annoying disorder, likewise happens in the hot summer days, when in many areas of the country, predominantly in the north, warm weather predominates and dry. In addition, these results in a notable inflammation in the throat, and which will subsequently lead to sinusitis, which in turn triggers a viral infection, which can last for weeks. It can happen in a very humid or very dry environment, so in the first case the humidity levels should be lowered, and in the second case, a humidifying device would have to be used, here the question is to try to maintain the internal climate of the house with balanced temperature and saturation.


There are scientific studies that claim that a dry climate can generate more throat infections or allergies than a humid environment. The results show that when the relative saturation exceeds 80%, the probability of contracting a throat virus is very unlikely to unlikely, on the other hand, if the percentage ranges between 20% and 35%, it could be generated so less, the flu.

Tips for Balancing the Humidity of Your House

Checking the levels is of the utmost importance, to realize if our thermal sensitivity is affected, we will probably have to choose some remedies. When saturation levels are below 40%, we can begin to ventilate our area through natural and pure aeration, and more when the humid environment of the exterior is higher than that of the interiors. It is recommended to open all the doors of the house or office as much as possible, as well as some windows so that the circulation is adequate. If we start to see good results or even more, that it is saturating more moisture than is required, then you have to close doors and windows. This process can be repeated several times a day. It is essential to have humidity control in our houses.


If natural ventilation is not possible because dry conditions prevail outside, then a proposal could be the acquisition of plants with high water content, such as water iris, creek, dogwood, clematis, to name a few. It is also proven that by grouping a set of plants, they will provide a higher percentage of dew by perspiring one near the other. Of course, you have to take precautions in your care, most likely they need a constant spray of water, which is good because it promises us to encourage the humid environment of our home or office that we need.


It is also advisable to place a temperature or humidity meter or controller anywhere in the house, with a humidifier as a companion, in order to balance saturation levels. It is transcendental that in our office we propose or do the same actions described above, there is nothing more dangerous than working in a totally uncomfortable climate environment, a factor that can clearly detract from the performance of any worker.


As a last tip, it is to preponderate our health and body comfort on our own, if we are in a place with such discomforts for a long time, it is best to leave a few minutes to get fresh air and breathe deeply so that our system is revitalized even a little. It is required drinking plenty of water so that it works as an outstanding internal catalyst.


The humidity can be very good or very bad depending on the use we give it, it is best to try to balance the saturation and temperature, which is recommended to be valued ​​above 30% and with 25 degrees Celsius respectively.

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