6 Facts Every homeowner Should Know About AC Repairs

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 September 2019 06:13

The air conditioner is arguably the most valuable comfort machine in the home. This simple but complex machine is made up of electrical, chemical and mechanical parts; thus, making it a delicate piece of equipment to work on. With an entire system unit referred to as, heating, ventilation, and air conditioner, HVAC repair can be very expensive, depending on what is wrong with the system. Therefore, careful care should be given to the unit. Here are facts to note about AC repairs before you call a professional AC repair company.

1. A leaky duct is a thorn in the flesh: 

Leaking duct reduces efficiency. Not only that; it makes the conditioner overwork by attempting to cool the air to a programmed thermostat level. You should try to check your system for open spaces or busted duct pipe. A sticky paint coat or epoxy glue can solve the problem.

2. Many of the unexpected and frequently-complained faults are electrical: 

Did you notice that your AC does not just power up at all? Check if your wall socket is not fried up! You may want to check your socket with a tester to see if current flows through before you call on a repairer. If the socket is fine or has a light indicator to show that it is functioning, unplug the wire and take a look at it if has not cut or peeled off. If it is a cut, you will need to change the wire. Also, you may check if the fuse in the plug head is burnt or intact. If burnt, the fuse needs to be changed; if not, you can go ahead to call your repairer.

3. An AC professional is the best repairer to call: 

As stated earlier, the HVAC has 3 main functional points. Hence, don't call someone who does not have a specialty with the AC system. Don't call on an electrician for your HVAC repair if that’s not his specialty, especially when you can't tell if the fault is mechanical or chemical.  

4. Check the outside Unit: 

Oftentimes, we are too in a hurry to check the AC unit inside the house to see where the fault is from without looking outside. The outside unit is as important as the ‘insider’. Hence, take time to look through the outer compartment to see if there are no rodent-feasted pipe or ducts, nor clogged fins that may also reduce the efficiency of airflow.


5. Regular Maintenance keeps the repairman away: 

What do you do on free weekends? Here is a new task for you; take care of your AC system. When you regularly maintain your AC, you will be able to identify petty faults, clean out clogged parts, and so on. Thus, you put your conditioner in a good state to serve. Care for both the outdoor and the indoor compartments. Don't let dirt build in the filter, fins, evaporator coil etc. 

6. Faults accumulate and get complicated: 

As soon as you see something worth repairing, which you can’t handle, call the repair company to come to fix it ASAP. Delay in repair always causes complications. Always.

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