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Maintain Your Beautiful Plantation Shutters with These 6 Easy Tips

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 September 2019 21:43

Plantation shutters can be considered a clever investment because of their ability to provide protection from harmful weather and security-related issues. Considering this, it is best to ensure that preventive maintenance is followed for the longevity of these shutters. In this article, we will focus on how to maintain shutters.

Cleaning of the Shutters

Usually, plantation shutters do not close properly because of the accumulation of the grim and dirt. If you are staying close to or in a windy place, the shutter should be washed once in 4-5 months and the steps listed below should be followed:

- The shutters should be transported to an airy place while cleaning them of the dirt and grime.

- A hose should be used to spray the water.

- Soap and sponge should be used to wipe the dirt.

Good Treatments of the­ Shutters

Plantation shutters are similar to other types of protective shutters and need a lot of protection. If a wood-based plantation shutter is used, you should apply Tung oil or polyurethane on the material to protect it from extreme sunlight and humidity that varies a lot. Most of the experts recommend the usage of polyurethane for improving the lives of the shutters. Also, there are certain kinds of lemon-scented finishes that give the shutters and the entire room good smell.

Say No to Lubricants that are Sticky

Since grime and dirt get easily attracted to sticky or silicone-based lubricants, it is best to avoid such lubricants. It is best to purchase lubricants from the local hardware store that are usually anti-static and provide a good balance related to friction. Little quantity can be sprayed right in the middle of two guides in addition to the plastic clips that are located at the top of every track. This process should be carried out frequently in order to improve the longevity of the plantation shutters.

Say No to Abrasive-based Cleaners

While cleaning shutters, it is best to not use abrasive-based cleaners like solvents and bleaches. It is also good to avoid steel-based scrapers, sharp items, and scrub-based brushes. Using all these can cause a lot of damage to the shutters.

Use the Shutters with Care

You should never open or close the shutters in a hurry. This can cause a lot of damage. Also, you should ensure that the shutter should not be slammed shut. If you need to securely close the shutter, it should be done slowly.

You should ensure that the shutters are greased and polished regularly. This is part of the preventive maintenance routine. This is very important in order to improve the overall longevity of the shutters.

Using the Right Kind of Tools

Shutters are manufactured in a way so that they can be easily cleaned with the right kind of tools. There are shutters that are made up of different kinds of wood like American polyvinyl, softwood, and faux wood. So, it is easy to clean them with the help of a dry cloth or duster that is made up of feathers.

Finally, if you see that part of the shutter is chipped off or there is a worn-down paint, it is best to call in the professionals for the maintenance. The full process of the repair or complete replacement can be carried out from the comfort of your couch. It is best to schedule an early appointment from your service provider, who will come in and provide the right kind of service. Overall, it is important to just stick to preventive maintenance and ensure that your shutter lives long.

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