5 Key Factors To Install Photovoltaic Solar Energy At Home

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Among the existing clean and renewable energies, photovoltaic solar energy is one of the most used in Europe, and it is increasingly common to find a photovoltaic installation project in many countries. Solar panels installations are very popular amongst home owners looking to generate their own electricity.


Factors to take into account about Photovoltaic Installations


Electric self-consumption is the self-supply of energy from a building. Through it, you can save energy and money. Self-consumption is the way to get our homes to supply only renewable energy and that homes are self - sufficient and forget about the electricity bill.


To carry out the installation of Pv Solar Panels, several factors must be taken into account:


What types of photovoltaic installations exist?


Energy self-consumption connected to the network: it helps to generate energy for a house, and when there is no energy available, energy demand can be met through a third party, usually an electric company, since the building is still connected to the network.  


Isolated energy self-consumption: the building is not connected to the network, so the electricity bill disappears. However, if some kind of unforeseen event occurs, the energy of a third party cannot be used.


Shared energy consumption: self-consumption installation that is connected to several homes, therefore several users can benefit from it.


How many solar panels are required to power a house?


To carry out an electrical installation project of this type, you first have to calculate how many solar panels are needed, but before that, you have to calculate another series of things, in this order:


  1. Energy consumed by the home for a whole year, classified in the 12 months.
  2. Solar radiation of the house month by month.
  3. Solar radiation by day of the month.
  4. Energy factor of each month.
  5. Energy factor of the lowest month.
  6. Performance of the photovoltaic installation.
  7. Energy required for installation.
  8. Peak solar hours (HSP).
  9. Peak power.


When we have all of the above, we must calculate the number of solar panels we need, knowing the power that each one will have. To calculate it, we have to divide the power of the photovoltaic panels and the peak power. The amount of solar panels is also dependent on roof type and space. Contact a local solar panel installer, who can survey your property and provide more info on the type and size of system you could have fitted to your roof.


What is the price of a solar system for self-consumption?


The cost of solar panels depends on their size and make. Although, we must consider that the Pv Solar Panel Prices not only consist of the purchase of the panels but also of the acquisition of the batteries, the wiring, the inverter, the company that will install it, etc. Therefore, the complete solar kits can range vastly in price, depending on the needs of the home. The best way to get an accurate prices is by contacting local installers and have them survey your roof. It’s always worth comparing quotes from different suppliers in order to find the best prices.

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