Flipping & Fixing Homes: The Floor Cleaning Tips You'll Need

Written by Posted On Thursday, 19 September 2019 15:01

The Importance of Using a Powerful Tile and Floor Cleaner

Owning a home is a wonderful part of life and a significant investment. Having the ability to own a home and make it into anything you want can allow for great creativity as well as years of enjoyment. However, like all investments, they require continual care and upkeep to maintain them.


While getting the best in upgrades for any home should always be a priority, there are some basic features that every home has that should be well maintained in order to extend its longevity. Home’s that suffer from disrepair and deferred maintenance often show their signs of aging much more rapidly than homes that have been well maintained.


The Role of Home Masonry, Tile, Brick and Stonework


Of all the typical features most homes have, masonry, tile, brick, and stonework are one of the most common. Over time, all stone, brick, tile, and masonry can get damaged, filled with dirt, mold, and grime which should be properly cleaned and repaired to protect the integrity of the materials and the materials that hold them together. Since these materials are often used in bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, flooring, patios, walkways, and landscaping walls, keeping them well maintained is essential.


One of the most common misconceptions with masonry, tile, brick, and stonework is that they are relatively maintenance-free and will do well in the long run without any care. However, this is a misconception. All these materials used in and outside the home are usually part of the structure of the house or landscaping which can include walkway and exterior barriers. When constructed they typically have some type of grout, glue or concrete composite that holds them together, which is critical to their structure. If any of these materials that hold them together become damaged or start to decay or decompose, the entire structure can begin to come apart, which can lead to their structural failure.


Common Causes of Damage to Grout, Glue and Concrete Composites


Mold Damage- Certain types of damage such as mold can cause permanent discoloration to masonry, tile, brick, and stonework as well as the materials that hold them together. However, in addition to discoloration, mold that is left unattended on masonry, tile, brick, and stonework can begin to disintegrate and erode the grout, glue, and concrete composites that hold them together. Over an extended time period, this can cause significant structural problems and even structural failure. Because of the high risk involved in deterioration caused by mold, it is essential to maintain and keep these materials clean to maintain their longevity.


Mold grows in nature and can be an essential part of forests and the ecosystem. However, when it grows in an around a home, it can become a significant problem that can cause structural damage to all kinds of materials as well as serious health hazards. In fact, after major flooding events, and the floodwaters recede, one of the worst remaining damages is the mold caused by the moisture from the flooding. Using a powerful tile & floor cleaner on a regular basis on masonry, tile, brick, and stonework can keep mold at bay and increase structural lifespans of these materials.


Mud and Dirt Build Up- Dirt build-up on masonry, tile, brick, and stonework can cause long term problems for these materials as well. While dirt and mud are not as corrosive as mold, if left unattended it can cause some disintegration of the grout, glue and concrete composites that hold them together. This can be especially problematic if it is continuously reoccurring. Regular masonry, tile and stone cleaning as well as washing down these building materials with a proper cleaner will ensure greater longevity.

Grime Build Up- This is usually a problem with kitchen tiles around cooking areas, in patio areas around grilles or on floor tiles. Grime can cause decay of the grout, glue, and concrete composites. Regular use of a powerful high-grade tile & floor cleaner on masonry, tile, brick, and stonework will ensure greater longevity for these materials and less concern over material deterioration.

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