Moving into a New Home? Here's Your Checklist!

Written by Posted On Friday, 20 September 2019 08:24

So, you’ve found the home of your dreams and want to be sure that you truly get everything on the dot. Now that you’ve found a home that you want to call your own, you can say goodbye to the stressful challenges of house-hunting and move on to planning your move. This new home checklist will help you do that and also help address common problems before your move.

Be Sure to Have a Priority Box

It will make your move a lot easier if you pack a box or a few boxes of things that need to get to your new home first. This should include kitchen utensils, some change of clothes, personal care items, and bed linens. This way, you can stay in your new home and take rests in between moving things from your old to your new place.

Have a Plan for Your Children and Pets

The first few days of a move can be very stressful for young children and pets. It is best to have them in a daycare or under the care of a trusted friend or family member while you are busy moving.

Get Your Internet Connection Going

You’ll have everything smoother when you move in a home with a ready Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to have your internet connected early to avoid hassle more so that getting this done can take a while in some places.

Take Charge of Your Utilities

It is best to get all your utilities sorted out before your move. You’ll want them to be in your name to avoid mishaps down the road.

Inform Family and Friends About Your Change of Address

Not everyone has social media these days so if you have friends and family that drop by or visits sometimes, make sure they know that you moved and where you moved.

Change Your Address

You’ll need to change your address in banks, subscriptions, the post office, insurance, government offices, and everywhere else that sends you mail. 

Have Spare Keys Made

Make sure that you cut copies of the keys to your new place as soon as you got the main key. If you want to feel safer, you can have the main locks replaced too and have copies of the keys for that before moving as well.

Take Care of Insurance

Contact your insurance provider to make sure that insurance details and dates for home insurance coverage are sorted out in perfect timing with your move.

Shop for Non-Perishable Home Supplies

Shop for non-perishable food and cleaning materials to have them ready in your new home prior to moving. You’ll be thanking yourself that you did this later.

Hire Professional Cleaners

You may think that this can be too much but never underestimate how much cleaning you’ll need to do when moving to a new home. You’ll be vacuuming for days without the help of professional cleaners!

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