Know 7 Proven Pest Control Tips

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Get rid of their food-- keep food put away in sealed packages or the refrigerator; eliminate particles, crumbs & grease especially from cracks & crevices. Don't forget pet food overlooked or opened bags left in the utility room or garage. For a persistent family pet food infestation place pet food bowl in a bigger shallow pan fill with water to produce a natural barrier. Removing as much as possible gets rid of the pest's food source.


Eliminate their water-- look for areas of excess moisture such as under sinks, shower/bath locations, warm water heating units, over-irrigating at outside border, & air-conditioning systems re-direct or eliminate to remove pest's water source. Seamless gutters holding decomposing organic leaf matter ought to be cleaned regularly.

Get rid of their homes-inspect storage locations at interior & exterior & either place far from the structure such as firewood or place in plastic airtight bins to remove pest's harborage areas. Remember this includes the garage & attic specifically if cardboard storage boxes are being used. Plastic is advised as cardboard is the ideal home considering that it can be a food source & a "nursery" for bugs.


Eliminate branches & trim plants too close to structure. Keep trimmed about 2 feet away to eliminate simple traveling from plant/tree to structure entry points.

Eliminate entry points-inspect structure outside & seal up apparent entry points around electrical channels, pipes, windows & doors. Foam sealant in a can is a quick along with inexpensive repair. Weather condition stripping at windows & doors will not just stay out bugs but improve energy efficiency.

Get rid of over-the-counter pesticides if you are not seeing results. Use pesticides sensibly - comprehend how they work & why. Know how to use them & what insects they impact. Inefficient use of pesticide is not simply a waste of money but an ecological danger for your household & family pets. It is essential to understand how to use the pesticide, where it can be used, just how much & how typically to utilize it. Over application is as bad as under application. Using the incorrect products at the incorrect locations will just trigger the bugs to scatter & increase.

Get rid of unlicensed applicator's who are "doing it on the side" the liability is ultimately not worth the savings if any. The consumer has no option - what if the applicator is hurt on your property? What if misapplication of pesticide triggers injury/damage to you or your next-door neighbors or pets? Or even worse yet is applying pesticide you cannot see improperly in your home? A licensed, insured & bonded state regulated Pest Control supplier need to satisfy strenuous requirements to obtain & keep their licenses. This is to secure the customer. Know your pest control supplier & ensure they are certainly state licensed & guaranteed. See if they come from market associated companies & customer protection companies such as the Better Business Bureau.

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