Best Bathroom Accessories that London Designers Prefer

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Most homeowners tend to concentrate a little less on bathrooms as compared to any other rooms in the house. Most people do not decorate the bathroom. In a bid to change the narrative, London designers are working to revolutionize bathroom setups. They are incorporating different bath accessories to provide users the comfort, beauty, and functionality they deserve from their bathroom.

These are some of the best bathroom accessories the London designers prefer:

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1. Soap dispenser

Designers in London are making use of the soap dispensers that come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors to make bathrooms more functional.

Most designers prefer the wall-mounted dispensers over bar soaps due to their hygienic properties. Automatic soap dispensers are also more convenient than manually operated ones.

Dispensers are made of different materials: glass, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and bronze.
And they can handle multiple liquids.

2. Lighting

Designers use lighting in the bathroom creatively for a cohesive and stylish feel. The type of lighting in a bathroom depends on the size, colors of other accessories and finishing.

A designer ensures the light is well distributed across the bathroom and brings out the beauty of the space.

3. Candles

Grouping candles together on glass tea or silver candle holders create a stylish space. The candles give an ambiance atmosphere for a relaxing bath when lit. Most designers opt for dull colors in brightly colored spaces.

4. Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors have decorative and functional elements. They brighten up the bathroom, add more comfort, reflect the object of interest, visually stretch the interior and generally give a feel of luxury.

Designers in London prefer large mirrors in different shapes that can be used to create mirrored walls or used with mirrored cabinets.

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5. Wall art

Adding wall art to a bathroom is a convenient way of introducing a relaxing, calming and soothing atmosphere. Designers can use different types of wall art based on shapes, designs and personal style.

Any bathroom can use a set of 2 or 3 wall art pieces for bets effects. The most used wall arts are
prints, deco, canvas, and signs.

6. Fresh flowers

Most home décor features floral decorations due to their adaptability. There’s a flower design for every style; modern, traditional, eclectic, contemporary and minimal.

Designers create flower displays in bathrooms to bring a natural, elegant feel and to embody the user’s personality. Users who don’t like fresh flowers can opt for almost similar effects by incorporating floral wallpapers.

7. Apothecary jars

Apothecary jars are a classic and versatile storage accessory. Designers can easily style them for a structured and intentional look. Some of the ways to style the apothecary jars for bathroom use include; using copper wire lights for relaxing scenery, displaying messages on the jar, and placing the jar next to pictures or wall arts.

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8. Trash can

Every bathroom needs a place to contain trash safely. Designers in London are adopting the mounting of trash cans on walls to create a clear floor and to better feminine product disposal. 

Trash cans come in different shapes and colors to match a particular bathroom.

9. Shower curtains

Shower curtains are decorative accessories that can transform a bathroom from simple to elegant. Cloth shower curtains are a hit among several designers in London in creating a lovely bath place. They tend to include liners with the curtains and install them to match the décor of the

10. Paint as an accessory

While for a long time paint has been used for combating moisture in bathrooms, designers are fast embracing the used of paint for aesthetic effects. Paints come with additives and shades of user’s choice for the perfect ambiance. The paint determines the type of the other bathroom accessories that one uses.

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