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What Real Estate Investors Should Know About Their HVAC Systems

Written by Posted On Thursday, 26 September 2019 11:20

For Real estate professionals, there’s a lot to learn in the market especially if you want to make things work right for you. One of these things is HVAC systems which are very essential in interior climate control and require routine maintenance, replacement and care. In this brief, we are going to list all the things that real estate investors should know about these systems.

The fact is that if you don’t maintain your real estate property, you are going to lose a considerable amount of money along the way. There’s a lot these people are not doing and paying attention to which can cost them a lot of money and influence the amount of profit they make on real estate. Do you even know what is HVAC systems, how much do you know about it? If you don’t know anything about such systems, don’t be shy or feel bad about yourself. I have also never paid any attention on such things until I became a realtor.

While there are many places in the world that don’t require the implementation of such systems, in some other places it comes to good use. Here is a quick summary of the different things that you should know about HVAC.

Types and Functions of HVAC Units

To have all the information about HVAC units, it’s always a nice thing to start by understanding the different types of HVAC units and their different functions. The type you should go for in this case depends on the home’s layout, climate of the specific location and the specific needs of the people residing in the house. The type can as well be influenced by your specific needs. This means that if you are looking for quick heating or even cooling, then you can get the best type of HVAC for that. Here are some of the different types of HVAC units.

  • Split and window AC units-These types of HVAC are not a thing of the past, they are usually employed to cool smaller places and for budgetary reasons, they can be a good match for a small room.
  • Package Heating and cooling units-Here is another type of HVAC units that works as an all-in one unit and can be useful in areas especially those that are in the Southeastern side of the United States. They can easily be implemented on homes that have basements or crawl spaces.
  • Central AC systems-These also work specifically as a good match for large scale, residential buildings. For most Investors, this system is a good match for them.

Every 3 months you have to replace the air filter

The air filters cleans the air and at the same time protects the HVAC system from being gilled up with dust and other debris. What this means is that they helps keep dirt out of the air ducts and at the same time prevents the furnace and the air conditioner from getting dirty. To ensure air filters are working to their maximum, they should be replaced every three months or even more often.

One mistake that most real estate investors and landlords make is assuming that replacing air filters is the tenant responsibility. Although this can work to some extent, there are many issues you are going to deal with. For this reason, the best thing to do is to do it yourself.

Shop around for the best HVAC systems

This is very imperative especially when you are investing in a New HVAC system. You should take time to check High Performance HVAC Gas Furnace Reviews for the best selection. To make such a huge investment, you don’t need to hurry but take time to make a wise decision.

Clean the condenser regularly

This is the large mechanical unit that is usually located on a concrete pad outside the house or even inside the house. In this regard, large buildings have many air conditioner units. Over the time, majority of these systems are filled with leaves, grass and debris. This becomes an issue especially because the system must release warm air from inside the building so that it can function the right way. If it is dirty, then it will not work the right way. For this reason, Please make sure you clean it regularly.

Protect the Condenser

If you have protected the condenser the right way, it will be less dirty and the functionality will be top notch. What this means is that you should keep the area around the condenser free of plants, weeds and shrubs. The best of all methods is to lay down landscape rocks around the condenser. This is actually the best of all methods of preventing plants from growing in the vicinity of the condenser.

Get specialized inspectors

There’s need to get specialized inspections once in a while but especially when you are buying a new apartment. This is usually very crucial to avoid making a bad investment. A good professional inspector in this case can alert the landlords to problems during escrow. This means you can have all the information to make an informed decision regarding your investment.

When should you replace the HVAC system?

Knowing when to replace this system can as well be a good thing for the investors. You should be in a position to replace the furnace or air conditioner at a certain point in time. If you have replaced it the right time, it will save you money and time. The reality is that all conditioners have a lifespan of 15 years and the furnace has at least 20 years lifespan. In this regard, never pay to replace the air conditioner or a furnace that is near its lifespan.

Work with a profession when you are investing in a new HVAC unit

If you want to invest some money and time on a new HVAC system or if you want to ensure that your system works perfectly, you should work with a professional at any point in time. The professional will guide you along and at the same time make sure your HVAC systems are replaced the right way.

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