3 Qualities to Look for When Searching for a Property Manager in Perth

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Managing a rental property in Perth is tough. Landlords have several obligations to keep the building in good condition, as well as think of ideas that will preserve or increase the value of their real estate. However, these tasks become exponentially more difficult for rental property owners who don’t have the luxury of attending to all their responsibilities. Thankfully, teaming up with a company that property management Perth landlords trust will help give owners greater peace of mind.

The role of property managers is to ensure that the appearance and operations of the properties under their care are well-maintained. They’ll inspect the building’s facilities, screen potential tenants, as well as handle the trash removal and landscaping. They can also help decide on which upgrades to install to boost the property’s value.

Nevertheless, hiring a property manager is expensive, so it might not be the solution for every landlord. However, if you’re looking for a property manager, you have to choose someone that has the following qualities to safeguard your investment:

1. Experience
Hiring someone with a lot of property management experience is always a plus. Professionals that have been in the industry for decades, after all, are aware of the specific needs of each type of property. Their experience has also allowed them to hone their skills and utilise the best practices to make sure that your property is treated with the utmost care.

Of course, not all experienced property managers have a high success rate. Hence, when evaluating a property manager, you need to ask a series of probing questions to confirm whether the person is prepared for the job or not. Some questions you can ask include the following:

• How many years have you been working in property management?
• How many properties have you managed?
• How well are you in turning around troubled properties?
• Are you familiar with Perth’s real estate laws, regulations, and standard operating procedures?

2. Has a Good Reputation
Aside from experience, you also need to team up with a property manager who has a good reputation. Highly regarded property managers are often patient, have great communication skills, and transparent when discussing the progress of your property. Property managers who leave a positive influence also attract quality service providers, which is beneficial for the property’s upkeep.

To ensure that the property manager you’re hiring has a good reputation, you need to do some in-depth research. You can visit their website and check out their customer testimonials. You can also ask your fellow rental property owners to get a better idea of what it’s like working with the individual.

3. Is Able to See the Bigger Picture
As a landlord, you only want what’s best for your rental property. As such, it helps to hire a property manager who has an investor’s mindset. Being able to unlock the hidden potentials of your real estate drives property managers to make the best decisions to enhance your building’s value while staying in budget. What’s more, property managers who can see the “bigger picture” have great attention to detail. As a result, you can ensure that your property will stand out from the rest of the competition.

Your Perth rental property is a big investment, so it’s essential to find a property manager who’ll take great care of your real estate. Although the process may take time, it can be made simpler if you remember to look for someone who has the following qualities mentioned above.

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