Moving? House Essentials Checklist

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 01 October 2019 06:11

Moving is an important time, which is why it’s critical to have a checklist ready prior to starting. Whether you’re travelling long distances or simply moving across the street, these checklist items will come in handy as you start the transition.

Document the process

From an insurance standpoint, and for remaining organized, it’s good to take lots of pictures of your home. This also helps you visualize where each piece of furniture will fit in when moving into the new place. If needed, you can also hold the movers accountable for any lost paintings, décor pieces, or boxes. While having a mental checklist is the bare minimum, documenting through visual images is also good. Not only will you have plenty of documentation this way, you’ll also leave with positive memories of the move. You can even hang pictures of your old home, if it was the first home that you lived in together as a couple. Families that want to move to bigger homes often have a picture gallery dedicated to the growing years of their first child in their old home.

Pack the essentials first

When moving your entire home in one go, it’s good to start packing the essentials first. This is so you can open up the first few boxes in your new home and get your essentials in place straight away. Things like clothes, cutlery, appliances, and dressers should be packed up prior to moving on to bigger items in the house. If your new home is fully furnished, then it’s good to have some storage space rented out temporarily. This helps ease out the transition process as you focus on acclimating to the new environment. You can also focus on storing large scale electronics, such as TVs, projectors, etc. so that you can find the right place for them after everything’s set up.

Focus on connectivity

It’s important to make sure that you get uninterrupted cell phone and internet connectivity prior to moving in. There may be last minute adjustments, changes of plans, or paperwork that needs to be signed. It’s good to be in a zone that’s well connected and can allow you to be agile during the transition. Schedule all your installation procedures a few weeks in advance so that you have access to cable TV and the internet when you arrive (or at least, shortly afterward). You can even compare a few vendors in your area, if there isn’t already a dedicated supplier for your specific housing complex or apartment. Connectivity also extends to the public transportation facilities in and around your area. You can get access to bus routes, train information, and carpooling services that work best for you. You can even focus on acquiring a new vehicle so that your transition is smoother during the move. Connectivity is important to ensuring that you’re mobile at the right time.

Choosing the right energy supplier

One of the most important living expenses you’ll deal with is your electricity bill. That’s why it’s critical to do some research to find the right supplier in your area. Energy comparison is one of the best ways to save money long-term while focusing on getting uninterrupted service. You don’t have to opt for whatever everyone else in the neighborhood is going for. This is even more so important when you’re trying to start a new business after moving into a new place. By having the right electricity supplier working for you, you can have more flexibility.

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