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How To Bug-Proof Your Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 03 October 2019 09:25

With every change in the seasons, homeowners are confronted with the task of keeping insects at bay. Changing weather conditions can find certain pests trying to hide away in your home or causing damage that can provide insects with means of sneaking inside. To help keep your home bug-free, implement some of the tips listed below.

Be Familiar and Aware

Know what to keep an eye out for to help maintain control over pending invasions. If you are new to your area, become familiar with the sort of pests that are present in your neighborhood and some of the common signs that are associated with them. For some bugs such as ants, catching sight of a singular ant can be indicative of a possible future infestation. Keep in mind that you should also be aware of possible infestations outside of your home if you wish to keep your house bug-free. Keeping the area around your home’s foundation tidy and clear of plant debris can be the difference that prevents an earwig infestation. 

Seal Cracks and Doors

Conduct an inspection of your home to see if there are any easy access points for bugs to get inside. Make sure that your exterior doors close completely. You should not be able to see any light on the top, bottom or sides when the door is shut. Keep an eye out for cracks as well. You may find cracks around doors and windows. Seal these up completely to help prevent insects and rodents from gaining access.

Improve Windows and Doors

Take things a step further by making sure your windows and doors are equipped to help keep insects at bay. Make sure screens are installed over all windows so that even when they are open, pests will not be able to get in. If you like to leave your exterior doors open sometimes, consider installing a screen door to act as an additional deterrent. If you already have screens installed throughout your home, check each to ensure that they haven’t sustained damage that provides a possibly point of entry for small bugs. You can also employ the use of self-closing doors to help ensure that your exterior doors get completely closed every time upon use. As an additional benefit, self-closing doors will keep your home more secure overall.

Clean Inside and Out

Bugs and other pests are often attracted to messes that allow them to hide more easily. To avoid providing a favorable environment for any pests, go out of your way to keep things tidy in your home. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule that includes some of the more difficult to reach areas of your home. Avoid leaving piles of clutter behind. Always make sure you deal with dirty dishes in a timely manner and vacuum on a regular basis. Be mindful of crumbs that are left behind if you eat in areas other than usual dining spots. Be vigilant with taking your trash out on time.  You will want to go out of your way to maintain cleanliness outside of your home as well. Address outdoor debris that is gathered around the foundations of your home and anything left behind in the gutters. For areas that are susceptible to infestations, be sure to check them frequently, such as compost piles.

Store Food Well

Employ proper food storage practices inside of your home to help prevent pests from gaining access to your food. Use airtight containers and don’t leave food out for extended periods of time. If you store free produce on your counters, be vigilant and aware of the potential for the produce to attract pests.

Support Their Predators

Go out of your way to make your home a friendly environment for their natural predators. Make your backyard and front yard a friendly area for birds to spend time in. Provide birds with food and water nearby and foliage that will attract them to the area.

By using the tips listed above, you can help keep your home free from pests.

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