How Log Cabin Kits Work

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Over time there has been a great change in the design of the log cabins. The log cabins today are nothing like the ones in the 60s or 70s. Today, log cabins have polished hardwood floors with cathedral ceilings, solar panels, nice picture windows, and many other things. It is not wrong to say that log cabins are a great individualistic housing option these days. The secret of these amazing cabins is the log cabin kits

What is A Log Cabin Kit?

Never heard about a log cabin kit? Well don’t worry, we are here to guide you. A log cabin kit is nothing but a ‘turnkey home’. It contains all the necessary and essential material that one requires to construct a complete log cabin. These cabin kits are introduced for the ease and comfort of the people. 

Basics About A Log Cabin Kit:

Almost every log cabin kit contains five components, the floor, roofing, windows, doors, and the log walls. Almost all the log cabin kits are the same except they differ in the wood type of the log. Moreover, these log kits come in different sizes and the price of every log kit is as per its size. These log kits enable consumers to customize their cabins according to their designs. 

Types of lof Cabin Kits:

The majority there are two types of log cabin kits including the Milled log cabin kit and handcrafted log cabin kit. 

  • Milled Log cabin Kit:

When you buy a milled log cabin kit you are going to have a uniformed shaped log structure. It is because these kits are manufactured through machine processed logs. Which results in uniform log shape and size. Plus the logs are smooth and do not require much effort. 

  • Handcrafted Log Cabin Kit:

Handcrafted log kits have the logs which are peeled and scribed by hand. The manufacturers use a chisel, chainsaw, and a draw-knife to craft each and every log. The result of handcrafted logs is non-uniformed logs. It requires more work and effort. But handcrafted logs are unique and these logs give a rustic and traditional cabin look. 

The log cabin kits are manufactured using mainly the four types of lumber. These include:

  • White cedar.

How Long Does It Take To Assemble The Kits?

There is no standard time to assemble the log cabin kit. If you hired a professional contractor to do the job the time frame would totally depend on what type of log kit you are using and how long does your contractor take to assemble the cabin. 

On average a contractor might take a week or two to assemble the cabin. But in case you are expecting a bigger and spacious cabin then it could take a year or two to assemble and build the whole structure. 

If you are skilled enough to construct and assemble the whole cabin all by yourself then it could take 3 months to build an average size log cabin! Whether you are going to do by yourself or through a contractor, log cabin kits are quite expensive!

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