Avoid These 7 Mistakes that Turn-Off Home Buyers

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 October 2019 10:45

It isn’t easy to get buyers interested enough to want to view your home, so the last thing you want is to turn them off when they do come over for a viewing. We’ve compiled a list of things that turned-off would-be buyers from the homes they’ve been eyeing. Take them in and be sure to avoid making the same mistakes if you want to sell your home for top dollar!

Dingy and Dirty Bathrooms

People are very particular about bathrooms and will zoom in on any bathroom flaw that they can find. You have to make sure that the bathrooms are sparkling and that it is well ‘staged’. Place in a few rolls of fresh white towels, maybe a candle or two, repaint the cabinets and the walls if you have to, and make sure that you don’t have your personal things hanging out for all the world to see.

Bad Odours

Acceptable scents are from cookies baking, maybe cocoa on the stove, and some faint fruit scents from citrus like lemons. Believe it or not, people do make home-buying decisions based on scents. Make sure there is no lingering cigarette scent, pet scent, mildew or mould scent, and the likes. Make sure that you have carpets and drapes cleaned because scents tend to linger on those. You can use some plain vinegar and baking soda to get rid of nasty scents in your home.

Too Much Wallpaper

Having dated wallpaper isn’t such a big sin but if you have different loud prints in the same room, that could be a bit too much even for homebuyers who are not particularly keen on style. To be on the safe side, have wallpapers taken out prior to showing your home and just opt for neutrally painted walls.

Overly Friendly Pets

First of all, your pets shouldn’t be around when you are showing your home. If there is no place for them to go, then at least be sure that they aren’t greeting the potential homebuyers as soon as they pull up in the driveway. Not all people will appreciate your fluffy goof ball. If you have a crate, it is best to crate your pet for the duration of the home viewing. Be sure to keep litter boxes clean and move food bowls out of the way too.

Bad Lighting

Dimly-lit rooms make home buyers wonder what you could be hiding in the room. It also gives the impression that the home is a bit neglected and/or older than it really is. If you cannot replace the lighting, then make sure that you open all drapes and windows and let in as much natural light as possible and clean the windows to allow light in.

Hovering Homeowners

Do yourself a favour and get out of the way when you have a realtor showing your home. You wouldn’t want the prospective homebuyers to feel that they are intruding on your space. Try not to be there at all or at least do not follow them from room to room.

Bad First Impressions

Your curb appeal is what speaks first to potential homebuyers. You want them to feel welcome and have an overall positive feeling from the first time they see your home. Clean your yard and front of the house and be sure to keep plants well maintained. You want the front of your home as fresh looking as possible.

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