How to Make Sure the Yard You're Selling Looks Good

Written by Posted On Thursday, 24 October 2019 20:02

When you're selling a house, you're not just selling the house. It can be easy to pick a thing that needs work and focus on it so much that you lose sight of the rest of the house. When you're selling a house, you're also selling its individual living spaces, its paint job, its location and its yard. Some of those things you have little or no control over. The yard is one of the things you do have control over, so it makes sense to take some time to make sure it looks good. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're thinking about yard maintenance for a house you're trying to sell.


Remember that the yard is going to be the first and last thing potential buyers see as they come into and out of the house. It's part of the first and last impression. The first step to creating a yard that will help sell the house is design. A yard is going to be a huge part of your home's curb appeal. You want to draw the eye in and make your home stand out to buyers. Make sure that the features of the yard are displayed to advantage. And keep in mind that design can help mitigate maintenance costs too. A little planning in advance could save you time and expense later, if you take care of your design and your plantings. Some designs only look right when they're immaculate, after all, and if you're not there to sweep the steps every day, you risk creating a poor first impression on potential buyers. 


Maintenance is a huge part of a yard that makes a good impression. Lawns need to be mowed, branches need to be removed, leaves need to be raked. A poorly maintained yard isn't just a turn-off for buyers, it can be a signal to criminals that a home is empty. This puts you at a higher risk for break-ins and vandalism, which can be an even bigger hassle to deal with. Even when you're just looking at the regular detritus of a poorly maintained yard, no one wants the first sight of their home to be a job that needs doing.

Remove Pests

Pests are another instant nope. Whether they're brown spots on leaves, bugs flying around your head, or signs of nests and hives, bugs can be a huge detriment to your home's curb appeal. No one likes to see visible signs of pests in the yard. Look into yard pest control options to clear the worst of the troublemakers out before you try to sell the house.


Mulch can be an excellent cure-all for landscaping woes. Fresh mulch makes a yard look cared for and maintained, helps control weeds and other pests, and even smells good. Do your best to get fresh mulch down, especially before any  viewings or visits, to give your yard that neat and tidy, well-maintained look. Don't go too far overboard, though. Too much mulch can leave potential buyers thinking they're at a hotel, not a house. 


Choosing the right plantings can go even further towards helping your yard look its very best. You'll want tough plants that look good but don't look good to grazers, since there might not be anyone in the house to scare those grazers away. You want to make sure that your plantings will be able to do without too much maintenance in the local climate, withstanding either heat or cold, drought or deluge. 

The point is to take as much care with the appearance of the yard as you do with the rest of the house. You've already replaced the kitchen appliances and redone the backsplash. You've already repainted the bedrooms and replaced the carpet. Don't let a bad first impression ruin the buyer's mood before they even see the improvements you've made inside. 

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