6 Benefits of CCTV in Office

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Benefits of CCTV Office

The closed-circuit television (CCTVs) have a substantial market demand. They come with new and improved specifications which include two-way voice recording, facial recognition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, real-time alerts, Cloud Storage and Wireless Connectivity. You will find these cost-effective equipment everywhere in schools, restaurants, streets, traffic signals, malls, and offices. They have become an essential need in our daily life. Here are some examples of how it can benefit workplace environments.

  • Productivity Boost

Due to the sense of being monitored, the employees work better. Installing CCTVs at the office is a psychological way of conditioning the employees to behave well at their workplace. Employees, who procrastinate or waste time at the office, start being more productive and the ones who already are productive, start performing even better. They are well aware that their productivity levels are being monitored hence they are assured that their efforts will not be overlooked and they will be rewarded accordingly in the form of bonuses and initiatives like Employee of the Month. It eliminates the need for hiring additional people to keep a regular check on the employees. It makes it a one-man job, even the manager can do it on his or her smartphone. The employees stop slacking off and work is finished effectively and efficiently, on time.

  • Sense of Security

CCTVs allow 24/7 surveillance. The infra-red feature installed in CCTV enables them to function efficiently even in the dark. It automatically enables the night mode in the CCTV at nightfall via the help of the sensors and is disabled when a certain level of sunlight is detected. It also consists of an extra layer that protects it from damage, therefore making it not easily destructible. Workers will be more focused on their work instead of being anxious about their valuable belongings being stolen or damaged. It reduces the threat of vandalism as well. Studies have found that using CCTVs in car parks resulted in a 51% decrease in crime. Your brand new Mercedes parked in the office parking lot? No need to worry about it too much, you can keep checking on it every hour through CCTVs. Employees know it minimizes the chances of such unfortunate incidents and even if any does occur, the person responsible will be held accountable. It further eliminates the chances of such an incident occurring again.

  • Sense of Social security

It ensures the employees of workplace safety and that they will not be mistreated and there will be no violation of their right without serious consequences. Every move is being watched so there is no chance of unfair treatment of an employee. It further reduces the chances of workplace harassment. Employees feel safer in their workplace and more satisfied with their work environment. It encourages a healthy work environment where no employee can take advantage of any other employee. In case such incidents occur, strict measures can be taken to ensure these don’t repeat in the future.

  • Saves Money

CCTVs provide a cheaper alternative for security. Installing such a security apparatus is like hiring building security consultants that would reduce your overall costs. Any holes in the security arrangements can be detected by your office staff only and you don’t need to hire a specialized consultant for the job. Another advantage is that insurance companies reduce the cost of the premium for places with CCTVs installed.

  • Face Recognition & Voice Recording

Facial recognition can detect who showed up at work. It can act also be used as a check-in and check-out system, which can measure punctuality and regularity and help calculate the overtime hours. It can also detect individuals not allowed in the office premises and criminals so the management can take measures accordingly. CCTV systems also come with a two-way audio recording system. The person in front of the camera and in the control room can directly converse. It can be recorded and archived for later use or for any incidents which require police attention and can act as evidence and proof. It is useful to the HR department as it enables them to record interviews and access them again later. It further ensures the maintenance of a professional work environment as any hostile environment created by anyone can lead to serious consequences for that person.

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

This feature detects and reads vehicle number plates and is able to identify it to the owner. If parking spaces are assigned to employees with the help of an ANPR system, it can save time as the hassle of finding parking can be avoided and accurate data can be tracked about how many parking spaces are unoccupied and who didn’t show up to work in time. It also helps in assigning parking spaces to new employees by detecting which ones are unoccupied and need to be filled.


The technological advancements have made it easier to monitor a certain workplace or a parking area. Now you have all kinds of surveillance products that keep you ahead of the game and safe from the hazards of burglary, mugging, etc. It also gives law enforcement agencies to collect valuable evidence to solve complex cases. Besides, it has made the job of human resource personnel easier as now all the activities of the employees can be monitored and recorded for reference.

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