Decorating Tips for Nevada Homes

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 30 October 2019 16:36
a picture of a home in Nevada a picture of a home in Nevada

Whether you already reside in Nevada or you are thinking about moving there, you may be wondering how best to furnish your home, based on factors such as budget, whether, and home trends in the area. Here are some tips if you do not know where to start. 


Consider a Rock Lawn

Because they are more cost-efficient and save water, rock lawns are becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Not only do you not have to worry about the cost and time of upkeep with regular watering and trimming, but these landscaping materials are much more durable and require minimal maintenance to keep your front yard looking good. Additionally, they do not decompose, and because they are not organic material, such as mulch, they do not attract bugs and other pesky wildlife. These are especially popular in areas of high heat, such as many parts of Nevada.


Install an In-Ground Pool

One way to beat the heat is to build a pool in your backyard. Spring and summer months in Nevada can yield brutal temperatures, so a pool may be a good investment as a way for your family to cool off without sitting in the air conditioning all hours of the day. The cost and size of the pool will vary depending on your needs. For instance, if you live in Las Vegas, a quick internet search for "custom pools in Las Vegas" will reveal the most well rated companies in your area. Be sure to tell your pool contractors about your size and budget requirements, and they can work with you on designing a pool that meets all of your requirements. Pools are also a wonderful solution for exercising in high temperatures without worrying about heat exhaustion.


Find Durable Outdoor Furniture

Because Nevada is known for its relatively warm weather, even in the autumn and winter months, much of your social functions will most likely take place outdoors. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in outdoor furniture that can withstand wear and tear and also is attractive and comfortable. For instance, wicker is a popular choice because it can be sprayed off and is relatively resistant to the elements. Wood is another option, and although it requires a bit more care and maintenance, the overall look can be stunning when paired with factors such as how comfortable it is.


Prepare for Hot Summers

Air conditioning, while it feels very good on a hot summer day, can be extremely expensive when used for several hours when the temperatures are the highest. There are many tricks and steps you can take to help your house stay cool without immediately turning on the air conditioning. For example, open your windows at night to allow cool air to flow in, and plant trees and bushes around the house that will provide shade and naturally lower the temperatures inside of the home. Painting the exterior of your home or getting new roofing can also lend much in savings for extreme weather conditions. 


Entertain Guests

If you love to host parties and gatherings in your home, be sure to arrange your common area furniture in a manner that best fits these specific needs. Make sure that your home gives off the message that it is extremely welcoming, and set up different spaces around the living area that are designed to provide stimulation for many types of guests. Some types of furniture are designed for the purpose of seating large amounts of people more intimately to encourage interaction, such as sectional couches. Multifunctional furniture for these rooms can serve the most advantages for you and your loved ones. 


If you are considering moving to Nevada, it does not have to be difficult to find the best furniture and potential renovations for your new home. With these solutions, you are guaranteed to design a home that you will love, without going over your budget. 

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