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Many people consider taking loans for their home renovations, repairing, construction or many other reasons. A VA loan can be your key for homeownership. Conventionally, people used to take loans from banks or government aids only, but it comes with a huge ton of formalities and documentation. Moreover, the financial policies and down payments were also trouble for every loaner. Hence, VA home renovation is a very beneficial advantage for all such people. If you do not have any special insights about these loans, then here is a short review, that will help you in knowing this.

Basically, VA loan is a mortgage loan, that is provided by private lenders. The basic benefit of using VA renovation for your houses is that it comes with lesser down payments as compared to the banks and government organizations. According to a study, 161.3$ billion were lent by VA’s in the last year. In 2018, over 6million loans were made, with an average amount of 264,197$ each.

ELIGIBILITY: There is a criterion set, to identify if the individuals are eligible for borrowing loans or not. The people who have served in military, veterans, reservists and National Guard are eligible for applications. The spouses of any person, who died during service are also considered eligible. If you are an active member of the service, then the loan may be lent to you after 6 months of application. But if you have recently joined the service, then you will be declared eligible for the VA renovation loan after 181 days of service.

Once you’re considered eligible, you will be given a certificate of eligibility. After that, you can take a VA home renovation loan for your primary residence easily, but there is still one thing that should be clear in your mind. The COE is not the assurance that you will surely get your loan. You may still be required to meet your credit score etc., Moreover, You cannot take loans for your temporary or vacation house.

Costs of VA loans?

VA loans cost a lot lesser than other down payment companies, but still, there is a one time fee that you must have to pay after getting the mortgage. However, that fee depends upon the amount that you are borrowing and the type of military category in which you are serving.

If a borrower is from armed forces, or if he is taking this facility for the first time, then he must pay 2.15% of the total amount as the loan fee. But, if you pay 1.25% of the total amount as down payment, then you may have to pay lesser then 2.15% of your amount. The reservists or spouses of people who have died in service, usually have to pay 25% of their total amount as the loan fee. However, If a person Is borrowing payment for the second time, without any down payment, then he will have to pay 3.3% of the total amount as a loan fee.

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