Consider Making Your Next Real Estate Investment A Fixer-Upper

Written by Posted On Monday, 04 November 2019 00:08

Real estate is one of the most ever-evolving industries in the world. This is the industry that is practically single-handedly responsible for moving property investments around the globe, after all. The very nature of real estate is that it is a constantly evolving market, and a large part of that is due to the reality that people are constantly switching it up from wanting to buy and then wanting to sell, and vice versa. Real estate opportunities are always changing, so how can you know which type of property investment gives you the most bang for your buck? At the end of the day, which real estate investment is most valuable across the board?

The best advice you will ever get as a real estate investor, is to invest in properties that you can add the most value too, so that later down the track, you can ideally sell for more. More and more people are going off the beaten path and electing to choose real estate investments that require more TLC (i.e. more tender love and care). It might seem like a step back to buy property that you then need to put more into to, to ultimately see its overall value, but the reality is that these are the properties that hold the most potential, the most promise for more than meeting its valued price point, later down the track.

Buying a home in need of TLC

Buying a fixer-upper is a great way to ensure that you are not only stepping outside the realm of comfortability in real estate, but that you are willing and able to work outside of the box, daring to be different and to reach out and improve the guts of something great. Buying a piece of real estate that requires some TLC to reach its full potential is indeed more work, but it is also vastly more rewarding. There is something profoundly exciting about diving into the real estate market and knowing that your position is one that is only set to improve as time goes on.

The power of having full control

Whether you are going for a country ranch vibe or more of a laid back Dubai Hills estate villas atmosphere with your fixer-upper project, there is power in knowing that you have full creative control over the entire project from start to finish. There is something exciting about realising that you are responsible for all the magic that you pour into the space as well as everything that you manage to find special about it in the first place. That is something exciting and fresh in itself.

The thrill of earning the outcome

Ultimately, one of the most exhilarating points to be made when it comes to investing in a fixer upper is that you earn the outcome, in every sense of the term. If you choose to sell, you earn every cent of the selling price. If you choose to stay, you earn all the satisfaction and exhilaration of knowing that you brought the property to vivid life. And if you choose to hold onto it but rent it out as an investment property, you earn all the rewards that come with that experience too. Anyone can buy a house, but there is something special about creating a home.

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