6 Tips for Effectively Managing a Construction Crew

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 05 November 2019 12:19

With the number of safety hazards and distractions that come with running a construction site, it can be difficult to stay on top of crew management as well. Being able to maintain a positive and cohesive management over your employees is a skill that will not only make your job easier on a day to day basis, but also help you find more success on every job. To get a better idea of some tips you should keep in mind to boost your abilities while on the clock, take a glance at the list provided below.

Always Communicate

Being a strong communicator is key for effective employee engagement. Take time to speak with your crew members on a regular basis. Make sure everyone is aware of what the plan is and exactly what your expectations are of them. Encourage your crew members to communicate with you as well so that you remain aware of any issues on site. To help build dialogue and a sense of mutual trust, go out of your way to be transparent in your communication with crew members.

Recognize Success

Go out of your way to recognize when crew members have done something amazing. Implement employee recognition programs to help award team members who consistently do great on the job site. You will also help motivate your team by focusing on verbal praise and acknowledgement, especially if you go out of your way to offer positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is an excellent tool that will help guide your crew towards the right approaches to each job while steering them away from incorrect and less efficient behaviors.

Prioritize Safety

Keeping the job site safe is integral to being successful on a construction site overall. Emphasize to your crew the importance of safety and enforce safe standards every day. Always correct unsafe and hazardous behaviors as quickly as possible. Commend crew members who quickly address and resolve safety issues on site and those who regularly practice proper procedures. Keeping your team safe is your highest priority on the job.

Have Daily Meetings

Have a daily briefing at the start of shift where you go over the goals for each day and any issues or important factors that you want your crew members to be aware of. By having a daily meeting, you will remind your team about what they should be focusing on each day while getting a chance to recognize any issues you recognized during previous shifts. This will help keep your job site functioning more smoothly and keep your crew on the same page for every shift.

Maintain Chain of Authority

Having a proper chain of authority will help keep your job site running smoothly in addition to empowering your employees who have the skills and training to succeed as leaders. Recognize the tiers of leadership on the construction site and encourage employees to use them when attempting to address an issue on the job. Stay consistent with how the chain of authority functions and be transparent with it to avoid confusion. Make sure you and your designated workers in positions of authority are on the same page to avoid giving conflicting instructions to the crew.

Stay Organized

Emphasize to your crew the importance of keeping things organized and tidy on site. Have designated spots for different pieces of equipment, machines and supplies. Make sure that everything is put back in place at the end of shift and continually ensure that things are not left out of place and in a hazardous area throughout the work day. By going out of your way to have designated spots for everything, you can avoid surprise safety hazards and keep your job site looking tidy. You will also be able to avoid productivity slowed from machines or tools being misplaced due to not having specific spots for each. 

By using the tips listed above, you will be able to keep your site safe while effectively managing your construction crew on any job.

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