Home Decorating Ideas And Activities For This Fall

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 05 November 2019 14:03

Fall is a wonderful season that is packed with fun activities to go with the changing leaves. Here are some great things to do during autumn rather than just looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Make a Wreath

There is no better way to adorn your front door than with a beautiful and unique wreath. Rather than buying one at your local supermarket or craft store, you can make a customized version that is crafted from your own supplies. Use elements such as leaves and berries, ribbons, burlap, or even corn husks to give a classic concept your own autumnal twist. Another easy staple that you can find in your own backyard is a wreath made out of acorns or pinecones. If you have children, you can include them in the process of making the wreath, such as gluing decorations or scavenging for leaves or acorns. 

Cook a Pie

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the abundance of pies. From apple to mince meat, there are dozens of different pies that you can bake. If you are calorie conscious or trying not to pack on more pounds during Thanksgiving, try looking for an alternative, such as a crustless pumpkin pie recipe. Pies are also a great way to try out new ideas, such as adding in elements to your crust like cream cheese, or trying out spiced apple rather than Dutch apple. Whether you are making a pie to bring to a large Thanksgiving celebration, or you are whipping one up for the family on a snow day, you are guaranteed to enjoy it by the forkful.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Perhaps it may be a bit cliche, but stopping at a pumpkin patch is a must-see for the months of September and October, especially if you have children. Pumpkin patches are a great setting to do a photo shoot, so be sure to wear adorable and coordinated outfits for you and your family to pose for a great photo opportunity. Many pumpkin patches also have fun activities for children, such as mega slides, pony riding, and bungee jumping. You can also explore the area with a hay ride, and some farms even have stores that sell homemade goods crafted by local sellers, such as jams and jellies, hot sauces, and even sweet treats like fudge.

Try Hard Cider

Similar to the rise of craft breweries in recent years, hard cider manufacturers are also becoming a hot spot for those who want to enjoy a more sophisticated alcohol experience without hard liquor. Although when you think of cider, apple immediately jumps to mind, cider can be crafted from other fruits as well, like strawberries or cherries. Many types of cider are on the sweeter side, so if you are not a fan of IPAs or other darker beers, cider might be a better option for you. Visit a hard cider manufacturer with a group of friends or the whole family, as there are often games and other activities for kids.

Admire Local Foliage

Nothing signals fall is arriving like the leaves changing colors, with spectacular oranges, reds, and sage greens adorning plants and trees everywhere. Some cities and towns are known for their spectacular fall foliage, and a great fall activity to get outdoors with your family is to go for a hike or even a stroll and look at the leaves. Your children can even bring a bag and collect their favorite leaves to use later as craft materials. Like a pumpkin patch, frolicking in the colored leaves is a great opportunity to take pictures with your family, and even bring your family dog along.

Although the temperatures can dip during the months of September to November, you do not have to only look forward to traditional holiday activities. With these tips, you are sure to enjoy autumn with your family, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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