Why Hiring a Professional Mover is Better Than Moving Furniture Yourself

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A lot of people want to save money, which is why many of them dare to try and move their furniture themselves when they are moving to a new place.

If they are not trying to move the furniture themselves, they are trying to get their friends roped into it. Although it has led to a lot of interesting experiences for some people, if people are too busy then you will get stuck doing it yourself.

If you are not careful with moving your furniture then you might get into an accident. Moving furniture is a tough job which is why professional moving companies exist. And instead of forcing your friends to show up and do the work with you, you should instead hire professional movers to help you.

Below are some reasons that might convince you to hire a professional mover when moving to a new home.

Saves You Time and Energy

The biggest reason why you should hire professional movers to do the job for you is that it helps you save a lot of time and energy.

If you end up trying to move your furniture yourself you're going to need multiple trips and it will be a huge waste of time. It could even you an entire day or more depending on how much furniture you have. Plus you're going to be out of energy to deal with other aspects of your life when you move your furniture yourself.

Moving to one part of the city from another is a hassle in itself but what about if you're moving from another state altogether?

If you want to save yourself the hassle and get back some time for yourself then definitely hire professional movers to do the job.

No Need to Stress

Packing up to move to another home is a stressful affair and it can get quite tiring. It can even get on your nerves sometimes.

It takes a whole lot of organizational skills and mastery to be able to manage all of the items that you plan on moving out with. The great thing about hiring professional movers is that they do this for a living so they know how things work and how to manage things.

Aside from that, they have a general knowledge of how to unload your furniture. That way, it will be manageable for you to organize it as soon as you are in your new home.

They are Well-Trained

Unlike you and your ragtag group of friends trying to make moving your furniture seem fun, professional movers are well-trained people. This means that they can move your furniture efficiently and effectively without wasting any time.

They know that time means money. Thus, if there are any delays, they know that it will cost you your time while it will cost them money.

Sure it might be fun to get your friends to help you pack but it's going to take a lot of time than it would if you just hire a professional mover to do the work.

Guaranteed Safety

According to Moving Pros (Moving Company Auckland), one of the most important reasons why you should hire a professional mover to move your furniture is because they can guarantee the safety of your items.

If you’re not used to moving around furniture, then you might end up injuring yourself because of it.

Professional movers do this for a living so they know how to lift heavy objects. Aside from that, if you hire a professional mover, they know how to pack your things so that nothing breaks, even the fragile items.

Insured Belongings

Speaking of taking care of your belongings, if something bad does happen to your items, a lot of professional movers will offer basic coverage for it. Of course, it is quite different from full reimbursement but at the very least, there are people who are going to be liable over your broken items.

For some movers, you can even upgrade your insurance coverage to be able to cover all of your items eventually.


Moving out of your home is a stressful affair. It requires your attention and quite a bit of your time. You can just hire a professional mover and focus on more important things that you should be doing personally, like saying farewell to your current job and sending your formal resignation letter.

Although moving to a new home usually symbolizes a fresh start, it sure is impossible for you to keep yourself fresh if you are trying to move your furniture yourself. If you have tried to move your furniture yourself before then you know how much of a hassle it is and how much work, time, and effort you have to put in.

The reasons highlighted above are great reasons as to why professional moving companies exist in the first place. Instead of dealing with additional stress when you are moving, consider taking a load off by hiring professional movers.

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