9 Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

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You invested much in furniture and equipment for your house, but you need to vacate soon because of several reasons.

Finally, you decided to move out, but there are things to consider: You need to plan on how you will move your items, the cost of moving, inquiring several moving companies, and consulting peers on which moving company is the best in the market. 

Having a smooth flow of moving away and going to your new city, here are the following considerations that can affect your plans before hiring a moving company:

1. Look for Good Reviews

Reviews vary from five-star to one-star rating. You should also look at both ends and the average rating of the reviewers. This will give you an impression which moving company is good to hire. You can also read several reviews through Moving.com about previous client’s experiences. 

Your perception of sorting the reviews is also subjective. Thus, MovingPros Movers Sydney advises that you look out for the reviews that seem fishy and fake. Evaluating it through researching will be a wise action on evaluating several movers. 

2. Check License and Insurance

Insurance coverage is one of the most considered features when selecting a moving company. You need to make sure that your furniture and equipment will be in the same condition as you let the moving company handle your items.

Also, moving companies should offer an applicable insurance coverage plan on your initial inquiry. This will give you an easy and stress-free moving since you are confident that your items will be moved safe and sound.

3. See the Company’s Policy

Every moving company should have a strict company policy, and this should be discussed clearly to you. This is to avoid problems and hidden charges on billing.

You should read the terms and conditions, the scope of work, and attributable fees and charges thoroughly before engaging with your selected moving company. The best way to see if you can comply with a certain company’s policy is to inquire about several moving companies.

Not all companies have the same policy. Therefore you can choose one that you can mostly comply with. It is a priority to ensure that your items will be moved safely during the moving process. 

4. Ask for Cost of Services

Other people choose cost over service or vice versa, but it is up to you what will you choose most. Usually, companies charge per weight and mileage for each transaction. So you need to make sure that you list down all items that you will move.

One way to choose wisely is to compare each moving company on how they charge. You may also notice some cheaper moving companies that are too good to be true, so you need to be vigilant on these. These companies may be scams or provide poor service on moving items. 

5. See if the Provider Fits Your Need

You plan everything: Setup an inventory list, budget for moving, and doing thorough research on several moving companies. Now you have your list of selected companies, inquired their price, and checked their company’s policy.

The next step you should consider is to see if the provider can give you the appropriate moving capacity. Take note that there is a different charge on a four-bedroom house and a studio-type apartment. 

6. Ask About Their Past Clients

You need to weigh also the years' operation of a moving company. You can choose between a moving company operating more than three years or a start-up moving company.

Take note that there will be risks in hiring a start-up moving company. As for that moving company that’s been operating for over three years, it will give you a guarantee that an experienced moving company has a better understanding of your area and your needs.

On top of that, you can ask former clients of an experienced moving company on their testimonials and feedback.  

7. Consider Referrals From People You Know

You still have doubts about your selected moving company. Another consideration is to collect feedback from friends and relatives that have tried moving from place to place.

This can be an added value to your further research on choosing the best moving company. If your friends and relatives have different recommendations, you can try to find back-up references online based on reviews.

You can now filter different selections based on both personal feedback and online research. 

8. Investigate Past Issues

One way to check if a moving company is legit is to check their active license, service records, updated address online, and recent feedback from clients.

Be wary of those moving companies that are asking for a deposit of more than 20 percent of the quoted bill. You may also check the Federal Motor Carry Safety Administration to ensure you hire a legitimate moving company. 

9. Service Availability

Lastly, you have to check if the company is available for booking. There are peak seasons on moving, so you should book in advance on your selected moving company. They will respond if your selected date is available or not.

You can also plan ahead of time in case moving companies are not available during that period. 

With the help of the Internet, you are sure to find several moving companies in your area that have the best and smooth moving process. Even though moving companies in this area have positive reviews from clients, it is your final call to choose what is the most suitable moving company for you. These nine considerations will serve as a guide for people who will move for the first time.

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