Top Tech Trends To Improve Your Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 19 November 2019 20:45

As a new homeowner, you'll have lots of ideas swirling in your head. Whether you're buying new or remodeling, you need to be smart about financing and shopping. More importantly, you need to invest in creating a tech savvy home. There are some really cool things for people who are looking to buy or build a new house nowadays, or just add some cool technology and be cutting edge with some of the things in their house. This article will break down some of these cool new things that you may have seen at some home shows. 

Hands-free Faucets

Hands free faucets are something that you see in places like restaurants and airports. But now you can have them in your home. You might have seen some of the commercials on TV. If you cook or bake at all, hands-free faucets are fantastic. Just imagine how confused you will be if your hands are full of raw chicken and you're using your elbow to try and turn the faucet on. Hands-free faucets are smart technology that have been used in retail spaces, but now you can use them in your home. 

Smart Outlets and USB Wall Outlets

Many cars now have  USB plugins. But now you can have them in your house too. For about $20 or $30, you can replace a standard outlet with one that has the standard outlet and the USB. Normally you have the little USB slots, and you can charge whatever device you want. Smart outlets are a little bit different. They actually are substandard outlets that plug into your regular outlet.

They are WiFi enabled, so you can control the plugged in devices with smartphone app or your computer. If you have a light, for example, plugged in there, you can turn it on and off. Also you can use them to monitor the electricity usage. How much energy is it using? It will report that to you? A lot of appliances when they're plugged in, but not on, are still using energy; smart USB outlets will help you monitor that.

Hue Lighting

The hue lighting system is a pack of bulbs that are WiFi enabled and have a hub. You can choose different colors for lighting. There are light recipes that you could use. For example, if you want to read, you could go to the app and tell it that and it will adjust the lighting. Many manufacturers are putting a lot of research into it, and it is a really neat technology. You can even take a picture, put that into the app, and say you want your lighting to look like that picture.

Smart Home Controller

Home tech is making people’s lives easier by doing the thinking on their behalf. The main element of this smart home controller is that it controls the communication between the different devices. When you open a window, it communicates with your thermostat and your thermostat turns off. Another major component of home security systems is the in-wall-control. It's located inside the wall in your shutter and light switches. It makes your normal switches smart. You can use it via app on your mobile phone when you're not at home. In the morning when you get up, the motion sensor switches on the lights. When you go to the bathroom, the room is heated to a comfortable temperature and the towels are preheated. 

You can put four functionalities on the switch, for example, switching on the alarm system with one fingertip. The smoke detector also measures temperature, air purity and humidity, especially in winter time, when the air is too dry. You can control the humidity in the kids’ room, so they can have a better sleep. 

Motion Sensors

There are motion sensors that identifies if there has been an intrusion and then communicates with smoke detectors that will start blaring. It also communicates with lighting that starts to switch on and off. 

Home tech products are automatically integrated into your home system, for instance the dishwasher and the washing machine. Home tech is likely to continue making people's lives much more comfortable.

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