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Being a peripatetic, finding the right location which suits the mood of all is the first choice! Yes, there are very few places in the world where you can get everything you wish to. And Pattaya in Thailand is the one such spot or location which has a lot to offer to everyone for every mood.

Whether you want to experience spirituality at traditional to modern temples; wish to have shopping at recognized shopping malls, weekend bazaars and floating markets; satisfy your appetite by tasting Thai cuisine full of flavor; make the most out of the adorning nightlife, popular Thai massage or just making your day with attractive beaches with beautiful scenarios and friendly hot chic around.

The core point of the whole matter is the location (Pattaya) remains full of people, and they seek affordable or luxurious but affordable homes, and Condos to stay. This obvious that the country like Thailand has some world's most exotic locations, having more than 38 million visitors a year. If you have your home or condos for rent, you must be getting something exceptional amount by renting your home to rovers. If not, you are missing some beneficial opportunities for want of resources and tricks to sell or rent your home. The article is all about helping you make the most out of your home or condos you want to sell or rent.

So, if you have stately-build condos or home for rent, then you have beneficial right here!

Check Your Resources and Reach

First thing first, you need to check your resources and capabilities if you can reach the home buyers and tourists of your own. That depends on the two things -how popular you are in the city or the location and your customer base. If you have these two things, you have nothing to worry about. Still, if you face any issue, you need to check something from your end. They include;

  • Do you provide everything a customer looks for?
  • Does the home or condos deserve the price you demand?
  • What about the facilities?
  • Do you have staff with a friendly nature?
  • Are you flexible or have some stiff rules which go beyond the will tourists?
  • Are you honest with your customers?
  • Do you make them feel cheated?
  • Do they have proper transportation facilities?

 Fix a Fair Price

When it comes to renting condos, tourists wish to get something more luxurious at the lowest price. You cannot provide a condo based on their wish, but you can make a fair deal by fixing a reasonable price. Importantly, you can make this by following tips given here;

  • Consult a Real Estate Agent: They, I mean Real Estate agents, know market price homes and condos, and consulting them will help you understand the right estimation, and you can fix the price keeping the visitors' comfort. Taking help from the Real Estate portal, you can find many such as Cornerstone and others, will help get the best price for your properties.
  • Do Online Researches: Spend some time with the internet and explore the going rate for condos in the specific area. The Internet is the best way to get the right selling and renting ideas, and based on that. You can decide on the price.
  • Understand Buyers Behaviors: Tourists are smart today, and they do a lot of researches before they hit the counter. You need to understand them. Putting high prices and reduces it once the buyers reach your counter might help, or the strategy may put off your visitors. So, if you wish to sell your property fast, you need to be specific, fair, and intact.

Yes, these are the points that you need to understand well and put some fair prices, which benefits both -the buyers and the sellers.

 Be Flexible to Offers

As a seller, you need to be ready for negotiation. There times, when the offer is not suitable for the price, ranges that the seller is considering, then you need to counter the offer instead of refusing outright. Give them an option that is acceptable to you. Going with negotiations will result in a fast sales. Remember, buyers always go with negotiation, and for that, you need to be prepared for such clients. It is better to start the offer with the highest one. Some buyers don’t believe in negotiations, and they tend to get condos right for their comfort. You need to be specific about that. Give them one price which suits both of you (buyer and seller).


“The first impression is the last impression,” the saying exactly fits in this case. Present your condo or home to the buyers in the proper light. Buyers must get impressed with your home as buyers, especially tourists, tend to buy a lifestyle, not just a house or a condo. You need to show the lifestyle more than just a home. Here are some tips to make this happen;

  • Shift excess stuffs from the condo or home
  • Remove personal belongings such photos
  • Bulky furniture which eats up space needs be shifted
  • Ensure that the rooms and spaces are neat and clean
  • Walls look fresh, if needed give a fresh coat of paint
  • Check if appliances are working properly
  • Buyers must feel that they can shift here, not they have to spend money over fixing things
  • Have some Professional Photographs of Your Home

You need to have some excellent quality photographs of your home and condo. Take photographs in the proper light while ensuring that nothing is lying around on the floor or elsewhere. If you have not hired professional photographs, then you can do this by taking photographs from different angles. Take as many photographs as you can so that you can select the best from them later. Photos will help present your home to your clients when they first approach you. You can make sure that all photographs are properly edited. If possible, make an album and showcase things like virtual reality. Your buyers can easily have a virtual tour of your property, such as home and condo.

Register Your Property Online

There are thousands of online Real Estate websites actively running in Thailand. Buyers look for the online sites before they hit the counter. You can register one or many sites so that buyers can easily find you when they look for a home. There are some of the things which you need to keep in mind before you register your property on Real Estate Websites.

  • Ensure that the website is active and has a huge number of visitors
  • Make sure you have given a right estimation for your property
  • Place some excellent photographs of your property
  • Ensure the contact details are correct
  • Make sure you are available to take the call

 Get a Trusted Thailand Real Estate Partner

Renting a home or condo in a big city like Pattaya or Bangkok is not an easy task. You need to put your maximum efforts to make it possible while it becomes very easy for Real Estate agents. They have a vast network, and they hold a huge customer base. Even clients look for an agent today. You can choose your preferred partner and get the deal for your property. Now, when it comes to choosing the right Real Estate partner, you need to do some to the listed things here;

  • Take online research and find out some top Real Estate Agent
  • Choose the agent having large customers and reputation in the market

You may want to choose many agents for your property, that's good but, choose the one with the right skill set instead of several.

The agent will help you get the best deal for your property. He will be responsible for making everything that begins right from informing the clients about price, property, taxes, and all other, which involves making the deal.

In short, you get peace of mind and a good deal for your property. But, these are possible when you have the right Real Estate agent with you.

Final Word

Renting property such home of a condo depends on three things: the location, price, and right agent. You have two things in your hand, but the agent in which you need to find the right of your choice. Take a look around, and you will find thousands of Real Estate Agents, though you need to specify with your choice to get the right one for your property.

IMP Suggestion: If you have rental homes or condos, then you can allow visitors to cook food as it will help you rent your home quickly. We don't says this. The stat is given by iProperty Management says, "71% of travelers with children said access to cooking their own meals was a major reason they chose a vacation rental".

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Martin Cox

Co-founder of Cornerstone Real Estate. Having moved to Thailand back in 2002 Martin has a huge knowledge of Pattaya and Thailand, as well as living as a working professional Ex-Pat for all these years. He is bringing 11 years of real estate experience to the company, which has been gained by working as a sales consultant, and later becoming sales manager for one of the leading real estate agencies in Pattaya.


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