5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Packing for Your Move

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Travelling or relocating is adventurous, but packing is perhaps the most challenging parts of moving process. Proper packing reduces the risk of damaging your valuables. Packing mistakes can ruin the shipping process and make unpacking difficult. This blog outlines how to avoid those mistakes.

Packing Mistakes You Should Never Make

        1. Inaccurate Assessment of Needs

First, make sure you have the right number and size of boxes. When you fail to accurately assess your needs, you tend to cram a lot of items into one box or pack goods in boxes that are not the perfect fit for them. To avoid this mistake, figure out the total number of boxes you need depending on how many items you need to pack. Consider your packing style and use a moving box calculator if required.

  1. Not Removing Unwanted Stuff

To pack your valuables more easily, get rid of items you no longer need or want. When you do not divest your home of unwanted stuff, you waste time and money packing them. Consider donating these leftovers to charities or neighbours.

  1. Overstuffing

Cardboard packing boxes can carry up to 150 pounds, depending on their size and wall thickness, but never overstuff them. An overstuffed packing box tends to break in transit, leading to damage. Instead, buy extra boxes to simplify your move. Be sure to store heavy goods in separate boxes and fill the rest with lighter items.

  1. Not Wrapping Goods

Wrapping your items is an integral part of protecting them in transit, especially sharp and fragile objects. Not doing so to save time may lead to breakage. Use plastic wraps, air-filled plastic padding, packing papers, linens and towels to cushion them properly. 

  1. Ineffective Sealing of Liquids

Packing boxes do not withstand moisture that well. Too much can ruin it and cause serious damage to its contents. If your moving truck drives over even a small speed bump, any liquids can spill over your items. To keep them safe, triple seal them. Unscrew the top of bottles filled with liquids and cover the opening with plastic wrap. Then screw the top back on and add another layer of plastic around the exterior. Effectively sealing liquids is crucial to preventing serious accidents during shipment.

Correctly packing your goods will ensure a safe, secure and easy relocation. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind when packing for your next move to avoid the most common mistakes.   Hiring professional movers from a reputable shipping company can also save you from the packing hassle. 

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